Shopping and entertainment center "Mall Emirates"

Shopping and entertainment center «Mall Emirates» – This is one of the best Molls in Dubai and one of the largest TC of the Middle East, which is located in the city center.

Shopping and entertainment center «Mall Emirates» opened in 2005. In total, 500 different stores are open in the center, there are cafes, rides and even the indoor ski resort with 5 tracks, which are not at the most east. Here you can find everything that your soul is clothes and shoes, jewelry, furniture, art objects, etc.D.

Interesting and design Molla: its ceilings are made in the form of domes, the walls are beautifully painted, and the halls are richly decorated.

Shopping and entertainment center

Square of the territory of Molla Emirates – 223 thousand square.M. Today, Mall of the Emirates is one of the most actively visited shopping and entertainment complexes of Dubai: during the week it’s time to visit about 750 thousand people!

In the shopping and entertainment center «Mall Emirates» presented and entertainment such as several thematic parks, a huge aquarium with 33 thousand maritime residents, parks for the youngest tourists, playgrounds and so. In addition, the Cempinsky Hotel is open in the shopping center.

Shopping and entertainment center

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