Fair Expo on Phuket

On the island of Phuket, many open-air markets and enough shopping centers for every taste. If you prefer European brands, it is worth shopping in JUNG CEYLON or in Central Festival. Lovers of inexpensive clothing of Thai brands will be suitable Big C and Lotus. Find various fakes, souvenirs and goods "NO NAME" You can on the weekend market Sunday Market. Covered EXPO Fair Something Reinders the Weekend Market. But unlike him, there is a conditioned room here, and EXPO works every day. And, perhaps, another important difference: in Expo you will not find very large sizes, the maximum 52-54.

Fair Expo Market

Name EXPO shopping center will be incorrect. Although selling various goods: clothes, shoes, decorations, interior items and accessories for phones. Commercial premises divided into many separate stores. Goods come here right from Bangkok, so their cost is small. T-shirts from 50-100 baht, bags and backpacks from 150 baht.

What to buy at the fair?

At the EXPO Fair, you can find fakes of famous world brands, such as FURLA bags, Dolce Gabana, Elle. Their cost depends on quality, on average 800-1200 baht. Flawlessly completed fakes in Expo not found, but acceptable average quality is guaranteed.

Schoolchildren and students come here to buy shape and fashionable clothes "NO NAME" decent quality at an affordable price. Tourists look to buy beach shoes, fishing pants, light sundresses and cotton t-shirts.

Locals find here inexpensive evening dresses, costumes for holidays, themed underwear. In Expo buy children’s clothing, and adults can acquire something in ethnic style, for example, Chinese dresses or robes of Peraanac Thai.

There is even a separate rack of T-shirts with the symbols of His Majesty King Rama IX. And also many shops with bags, wallets, suitcases and road backpacks.

Shoping on Phuket - Fair Expo, photos, reviews Guide in Phuket

I like the fair Expo for the fact that here you can find unusual clothes and goods. For the handbag of a certain style I will hunt for weeks on all shopping centers, and then, desperate, I come to Expo and find what I need.

If you have been to the MBK shopping center in Bangkok, then the Expo will remind you of it. Although there is only one floor and much less chaos and fuss. True, and the floor is only one.

There is a air-conditioned EXPO market within walking distance from the Robinson shopping center in Phuket Town. You can immediately catch two peas in one spoon.

Opening hours: from 10:00 to 21:00
Location: At the intersection of Chana-Charoen streets and Tilok-U-Thit-2, painter from the hotel Novotel Phuket City Phokeethra.
Coordinates: 7.880288, 98.395796

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