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Many of you think about bringing to friends and relatives from Thailand? Pouch on Phuket is limitless. You can choose standard souvenirs in the form of wooden elephants, something from Thai cosmetics or unusual products in Zeen Zone. For all the rules of friendly gifts, souvenirs should be inexpensive and take little place in the baggage. I decided to tell you about the chains of stores, where the goods are 60 baht. Here you will find exactly what to buy as a gift.

Products of 60 baht

All over Thailand, you will find shops with Japanese products of 60 baht: Daiso, Just BUY, MINI Mono and Komonoya. For example, in Bangkok: Terminal 21, Silom Complex, Esplanade Ratchada, Siam Square, Big C Ratchadamri, Central Plaza Ladprao, The Old Siam Plaza, Central Plaza Grand Rama IX. In Pattaya: Central Pattaya Beach and Central Marina. On Phuket, the Just Buy Shop is located in Robinson in Phuket Town on 2 and 4 floors, Daiso opened in a large Tesco Lotus, Mini Mono – to the center of Floresta.

The concept of stores is approximately the same, and the prototype became Japanese Daiso "All 100 yen". Buyers at a single price of 60 baht offer various goods from the office and accessories to gifts and home decoration. The whole area is divided into departments, navigate very easily. Let’s walk a little shopping.

What to buy in stores "All by 60"

Most of the store is engaged in goods for home, kitchen, garden, bathroom. Cookware: Traditional Japanese bowls, chopsticks for children and adults, Silicone molds, Mugs, Bento and Food Containers, Kitchen Scales, Spoons, Tag, Cutting Boards and Other Useful Trifle.

Department with goods for home Pepit with different boxes, vases, statuette, office, sets for scrapbooking, needlework and children’s creativity. I always lost such socks for tools.

In the shops "All 60 baht" There is a department with cosmetics and accessories: hairpins, jewelry, lipstick, powder, creams, masks, false nails and eyelashes, saws, tweezers, silicone shoe lining. Different things for gadgets are presented in assortment: tripods, selfie sticks, covers, headphones, clips for wires and fashionable hit – ring-holder for smartphone.

Shop gifts and souvenirs on Phuket - all 60 baht, souvenirs, unusual things guide

Did not forget about our smaller brothers. They offer food, clothing, collars, polls, toys, bowls, calculations and even special toothbrush. Auto and Travel Lovers will find inflatable pillows, sets of small tools, beauty makeup cosmetics, disposable slippers, umbrellas for children and adults, key rings with a flashlight and my favorite bag hooks.

In addition to the goods of 60 baht in stores sell others a little more. For example, socks of 80 baht, headphones 100 baht, backpacks and bags for 150-200 baht. Such goods no more than 5-7% of the total. Get out of shops "All 60 baht" Without buying impossible. There are so many things that are pleasing imagination! And having bought something interesting, then you will wonder: how they lived without it before?

Fix-price "All 20 baht"

Except Japanese shops in shopping centers and in the most crowded places, in Thailand there is analog "All 20 baht". Such shops are located along the roads. Sometimes they are shops with a canopy where items are posted for home and life. And yet there are options with air conditioning, where the showcase will be cut with signs 20. Assortment in stores "All 20 baht" more reminiscent market or flea market. You can match our Fix stores Price. If you wish, you can find just useful items required at the moment: mugs, spoons, zip bags. And for gifts it is better to go to the shops "All 60 baht". Pleasant shopping!

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