Pink PVSSY Store: Unusual Accessories

Gifts from Phuket love each. It is better not to take a lot of things with you so that you do not have to buy a new suitcase for souvenirs. Knowledgeive relatives and friends will definitely order you anything necessary and useful from cosmetics or gourmet. You can bring them standard Thai souvenirs, curly soaps with flowers, coconut oil, spice sets for the pit, masks and scrubs with herbs, goods from exotic skin or traditional medicines. I have already told you about unusual gifts, which can be found in Phuket stores, and advised for something like to look at the Zeenzone in the center of the Central Festival or in the shop, where everything is 60 baht. And today I will introduce you to another store of unusual things and funny accessories.

The store of original gifts in Thailand

Pink Pvssy – This is a store of original jewelry, extravagant accessories and unusual fashion products. For the first time, designer belongings began to sell at one of the night markets of Bangkok in 2004, and now such shops are more than 50 throughout Thailand. List of places on Phuket See at the end of the article. Shops Easy to learn on a signboard with a pink kitty. In the capital of Thailand, Pink Pvssy shops have in Platinum shopping centers, MBK, Terminal 21, next to Kaosan Street and other places.

What to buy in the store?

Pink PVSSY shop will suit more for fashionable girls. Here you will find unusual seelings, rings, brooches, handbags, clams, wallets, glasses, hats, bracelets and hair accessories. Designer things made very bright and boldly. The store’s assortment is constantly changing, so you will find something new with each visit.

From interior items, all sorts of pillows, beach mats-watermelons, inflatable circles in the form of flamingos, pizza, unicorn, funny cups with ordinary and thermal carbs. From unique goods you can buy raincoats for shoes on a heel, cakes for underwear, baby nipples with hipster mustes, mugs lenses, soft slippers dragons and much more.

Shop Gift and Souvenirs on Phuket - Thai Souvenirs, Fashion Accessories, Unusual Things

For fun parties in the store there are inflatable letters, funny glasses, carnival hats with different animals, masks with feathers, glowing tubes for cocktails, colored wigs. Travel accessories are represented by soft pillows, suitcases and travel bags. Fashionistims like caps, rims with feathers or flowers, designer clothes, booho dress, nicknames in the form of a book or marine sink, backpars with rhinestones or rabbit, Watermelon wallets and Burgher bags. And, of course, there are more classic things.

In addition to a large selection of interesting products, the main plus store Pink Pvssy – affordable prices. Designer T-shirts 250 baht, fur headphones and caps 150 baht, silver and gold stickers tattoos 70 baht per sheet, fashionable backpacks from 100-200 baht, jewelry from 50 baht.

Sales and discounts

Stores often pass shares and discounts up to 70%, and thematic goods appear to different holidays. For example, New Year’s souvenirs, things with hearts for Valentine’s Day or Halloween Witin Accessories. In Pink Pvssy, you will always find for yourself and your loved ones some gifts. Without buying getting difficult.

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