Dolce Vita Jewelery Store

In the south of Phuket Island, in the Chalong area, there is a store with silver Dolce Vita products, where you can find a large range of classic and modern decorations with precious and semi-precious stones. Here are rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants with rubies, emeralds, sapphires, amethysts, topases and other gems, bracelets from Murano glass.

The founder of the company Henrik Hansen for a long time led business in Bangkok, and then opened the jewelry factory there with licensed offices on Phuket Islands and Samui. To date, stores under this brand are the most popular in Thailand. All jewelry are made by their silver 925 samples and natural precious and semi-precious stones.

A distinctive feature of the Dolce Vita store is a large selection of jewelry in different price categories. You will definitely find something for yourself.

Jewelers Factory Dolce Vita real professionals, elegant combining exquisite design with magnificent gems and gems. Not everyone boasts such a large assortment of silver jewelry. Masters of factory cover each product with a special composition based on rhodium, so silver jewelry do not black and do not fuss.

Sapphires for Dolce Vita decorations are mined in the provinces of Kanchanaburi, Canthtaburi, Cake Cake, Pore, Petchabun and Sukhothai, Rubins are brought from Canthtaburi, pearls are grown in Krabi, and silver comes from Chiang May. Local production reduces the cost of creating products, which ultimately affects the low cost of finished decorations.

Separately, it is worth noting the bracelets in the style of Pandora, which can be collected on your individual taste. Beads and suspension are made of silver and Murano glass, which has been valued for many centuries around the world.

Shop decorations Dolce Vita - Silver and silver decorations in Pandora style Phuket guide

At the same time, the cost of such a bracelet will differ significantly from the originals of the house Pandora. If you want to acquire an exclusive souvenir in memory of Phuket and Thailand, use the suspension and turtle bracelet for the design of your bracelet. Consultants of the Dolce Vita store will help you find the perfect decoration.

Surely, you already wanted to visit this jewelry paradise? In 2016, two jewelry centers – Dolce Vita and Silverado united in one big silver shop Siam Multi Gems & Pearl.

To order a free shuttle to the store Siam Multi Gems & Pearl and call calls by phone +66 84 905 6656 (WhatsApp, Viber). Visit the factory yourself and get a discount, presenting a discount coupon (picture clickable).

Shop decorations Dolce Vita - Silver and silver decorations in Pandora style Phuket guide

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