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Maybe you know this mysterious word "Seven Elevant"? This is a kind of none name around the clock minimarket. It can be called 7-Eleven, Family Mart, Super Cheap or Fresh, but everyone is clear that it is Seven-Elevant. As well as fast food noodles in some countries call "Dashik", and in Thailand it is called gentle "Mama" named the most popular brand.

Mini markets in Thailand

At least in large shopping centers the choice of goods is more, they are quite far from all the beaches. The essentials of the first need, albeit a little more expensive of the Giant Super Stors, it is easier to buy in round-the-clock mini. I’ll tell you about the specifics of these stores. You can buy not only food and cosmetics, but also pay for accounts, buy a ticket for a plane or stay at the hotel, weigh a suitcase or yourself on the scales before entering, rent money in ATM.

Seven Elevant

7-Eleven is an international network of minimarkets, founded in the US state of Texas just over 80 years ago. Initially, the shop traded milk, eggs, bread – the most important consumption products. It is not difficult to guess that it worked such a mini-March from 7 am to 11 pm. Already in the 60s at that time, the chain of stores expanded the range and passed onto the clock service.

In Thailand, more than 5,000 7-Eleven of them are open 1500 in Bangkok. To date, Thailand ranks third in the number of stores after the United States and Japan. In any stupid town, you will find such mini markets, I’m not talking about Phuket. Almost all the beaches of Phuket or not far from them are saving oasis.

In 7-11, they receive payment of air tickets of some companies (the commission will be less than when paying for the card), for example, Airasia, NOK Air. It is enough to book a ticket online, you will select payment through a mini market and show the bar code. Also take to pay for the bus tickets (some booking sites). In 7-11 accept payment of accounts: Phone, Electricity, Internet. Periodically passing stocks when the M-STAMP brand is given to 1 and 3 baht. You can get a discount in the next purchase or exchange them for gifts (conditions and number of brands are written at the checkout).

Femil Mart

Family Mart is a network of mini-shops who came from Japan. Assortment is similar to 7-11, but some products sell only here. From an interesting store stores stores with The 1-Card and you can save points when making purchases. For every spent 25 baht you charge 1 score (except for the purchase of cigarettes and alcohol). Points can be exchanged for cache coupons from the calculation of 800 points – 100 baht. In the minimarkets of Family Mart, as in 7-11, you can pay the VISA card with the amount of more than 300 baht.

So they sell at such stores? Very many essential items, ranging from shampoo and diapers, ending with alcohol and cigarettes. In mini-marches, you can eat snacks, sausages, hamburgers or in Thai Dimsan. To hamburgers, sandwiches and sausages offer free sauces and greens. Comfortable teapots created specifically for coffee and noodles of fast cooking. Drink coffee, energy, juices, water and beer here.

Do not forget that in Thailand there is a law on limiting the sale of alcoholic beverages up to 11 am, from 14 days to 17 pm and after midnight. That is, alcohol can be bought at the interval between 11: 00-14: 00 and 17: 00-24: 00. Some stores that piercing checks are not followed by this rule. Alcohol is represented by beer, wine drinks, whiskey, jin, rum and others. I also want to warn that at filling stations, about schools and mosques alcohol also do not sell.

Cola, Pepsi, soda always stand in refrigerators, ice lies in the freezer and costs 5 baht per pack. From the snacks you can find all sorts of nuts, dried fish, chips and seaweed. Babies will delight candy, chocolates, lollipops and ice cream. And girls can appreciate some cosmetics items. Not all mini markets are the same products. In very tiny shops, the range is less. But in large 7-elevoles you will find even a round toothpaste, deodorant crystal and herbal scrubs.

Shop 7 Eleven - what to buy, photos, reviews, food in Thailand Guide to Phuket

What pleases – to the yogurt you will definitely put a spoon for free to a bag, to a drink – straw, and to sausages – wand for rolling. Travel SIM cards and balance cards are sold at the checkout. You can ask the seller to help you activate the map. Do not forget the passport, you can only buy a SIM card on it.

Here at the checkout you will see a strong alcohol and inscription that cigarettes sell here. In Thailand, they are actively struggling with smoking, so you are unlikely to see cigarettes. In mini-markets, you can pay for various state services, as well as pay for flights. Airasia allows you to keep a reservation until 24 hours when paying at 7-11.


Mansion Stand Super Cheap. They are common in Phuket and south of Thailand. The most important super chip is located in Phuket Town, not far from the bus terminal 2. Supermarket I would not call him. Super chip looks like a large indoor market. There are different rare pieces here, which are not found in the shopping centers Big C and Teso Lotus. The range is similar to hypermarkets: from food and cheap clothing to household appliances and furniture. To be honest, the quality of the super chip is no different. But if you have not found something in big si or tested lotuse, go to SuperCheap.

The large superchip around the island is scattered kids – small markets with an inscription 24 and pink stripes. There are many of them in Phuket Town, Chalong areas, Katu, on Beach Patong, Karon, Bangtao and others. In these mini-marits, the choice of products is greater than in 7-11. Here they sell grocery, drinks, cosmetics, household chemicals, fruits, vegetables, greens, ready-made food and even meat – see a small bazaar. In the corner there are large packages with rice, hanging mop, thase, between the rows are quite closely, and the stall resembles a mini market.

I would not say that shops are characterized by quality, be careful, follow the expiration date and freshness of goods. From the name it is clear that the prices in the superchips are slightly cheaper than in 7-11 and Family Mart. Fruits, vegetables and greens I prefer to buy in the markets. There is one more similar mini market Big One. There is much cleaner, but it is located only in the area of ​​Bangtao, on the Beach Patong and Kata.

It is not necessary to consider round-the-clock mini markets as daily power points, but to buy the same bottle of water or ice cream, drink coffee in a long road or a snack – you can always.

Shop 7 Eleven - what to buy, photos, reviews, food in Thailand Guide to Phuket

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