Shoots that could not be made

On July 13, 1944, the plane of the fighter pilot Mikhail Devyatayeva was shot down in the air combat in the area of ​​Lviv. The pilot managed to leave the castled car, but when he jump with a parachute he hit and lost consciousness. Woke up in the occupied territory. Further – captivity. After an unsuccessful escape from the Lodz camp for the prisoners of war, Mikhail turned out to be on the island of the Usedom, where the new weapons were developing: Fau-1 winged missiles and ballistic "FAu-2". There, in the Rocket Center "Penelude", the work of prisoners was used.

On the island was a airfield, and there was a "cemetery" of broken aircraft near the flight field. In their debris, ninth, as he could, studied unfamiliar cars

Ways to get out of the island were two: climbing or by air. Mikhail managed to persuade comrades for the second option – on the island was a airfield, and there was a "cemetery" of broken aircraft near the flight field. In their debris, ninth, as he could, studied unfamiliar cars.

An hour of the XA stepped February 8, 1945. The dinner time came, the repairmen left the airfield, and only two work five were left on the field: Mikhail and Convoir comrades, who had to cut out. The team rushed to the long-planned bomber "Heinkel". While comrades uncovered the motors, Ninetayev climbed on the wing, hit the castle, penetrated the pilot cabin. But here they were waiting for a surprise: the plane did not start – there was no battery. In some minutes, they found a cart with batteries, adjusted. Ten people climbed on board and hid in the fuselage. Mikhail spoiled on the runway, but the bomber at the takeoff did not go. Already ran out of anyone understanding the Germans. It turned out, the trimmers of the height helm are set to land. Finally, soared.

German Bomber Heinkel He 111. On one of these accomplished escape of the pilot group Mikhail Devyatayev

"Heinkel" survived on the enemy territory, but was shot down by Soviet anti-aircraft. A piloted ninth plane made a forced landing in Poland, in the location of the artillery part of the 61st Army. It turned out that in the captured by the Soviet prisoners, the bombarder had scientific equipment used in the tests of Fau. Her and other valuable information transferred to the Ninth Sergey Queen, contributed to the fact that the pilot was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. True, before that, he, as many, who visited the Germans, had to pass the burned Soviet camps.

On the air balloon

How much the Berlin Wall was – from 1961 to 1989, – so much and tried the desperate heads to escape from the East Half to the Western. To overcome the wall of the four-meter height, equipped with 302 watchdogs, came up with the most fantastic methods – from straight taranits of the gate to the subcoops.

Electrician Peter Shooter and Mason Gunter Wetvesel decided to leave the GDR in a balloon. The task seemed impossible: the ball had to be sewed secretly from everyone, and all households were to fit in Gondola. Friends understood: the second chance will not be. The next story begins in which the case intervened.

At the first giant, which was sewed at night with a wife with his wife, the fabric passed the air. Then inexperienced, they bought a huge batch of the most suitable, in their opinion, cotton matter, introducing himself to the seller employees of camping.

The second ball turned out to be a low-power burner – the ball raised only four.

For half a year, the shooter was fought over the right burner and gondola. Finally, by the quiet July night, he plunged the family and took off (the vet refused the audience to that time). The ball entered the cloud, a wet and collapsed 150 m from the border. Fortunately, the fugitives did not notice. From the "Strip of Death" the family was chosen all night. The next morning the ball was discovered, and the investigation began.

Everything went like it would be good, but here the ball was tired and the flame burner was licked the shell. Blew wind. The cerebral giant on a two-kilometer height carried towards the border. Cold pierced to bones, moms sang a song to children, trying to keep the wade

Now the cloth had to buy in different places literally on a piece. Time worked against them. But friends were again together. Wetvesel sewed the fourth ball, the shooter chicked the next gondola and burner. On the night of September 16, 1979, the largest Mongolfier in Europe by weight of almost 1.5 tons and a height of 25 m took off with a forest glade about 18 miles south of the city of Pysnek and 6 km from the border. In the basket, together with Peter and Günther were their wives and four children. Everything went like it would be good, but the ball was tilted and the flame burner was licked the shell. Blew wind. The cerebral giant on a two-kilometer height carried towards the border. Cold pierced to bones, moms sang a song to children, trying to keep the wade. The fuel ended faster than expected, and in the end, the aerostat fell to Earth. Passengers saved the fact that the balloon worked as a parachute.

The first people were the police town of Nayla in Upper Franconia Walter Hamman and Rudolph Gölkel, who came to the forest to check that the strange object was rapidly descending from the sky into the threads of the forest.

Yes it is the West. Yes, they did it!

In a barrel with sour cabbage

In 1904, the Military District Court of Tsarist Russia sentenced one of the founders of the Party of Socialist Revolutionaries (SEROV), the terrorist Grigory Gershuni to the Lifetime Katorga. From the "Surrounding Wild Light Survess Mountains" of the Akatuyian Piano Prison in Siberia was almost impossible to run, but for the sake of Gershuni, who was needed by comrades in the party at freedom, came up with a desperate plan – escape in a cabbage barrel.

Aerov Group in Akatua

The workpiece of the latter was one of the responsibilities of the cortex. The barrel was prepared in advance: drilled two holes semi-wrapped with hoops, for rubber tubes, so that you can breathe. Mooked out a metal plate in case of the brave, if any excessively rifle guard puddles in the gap. At 8 am, the Summer Cabbage Barrel was, as expected, sent to the village, to the basement, where the fugitive should have been removed and forwarding. But nearby stubbornly walked strangers, I had to wait. Breathing becoming increasingly. Air flow through the tube as if it completely stopped. From the careless, convulsive traffic of the tube fell out, the mouth and nose Gregory began to pour with an acidic cabbage juice. Dying in sauerkraut germs did not plan. He rested his head into the lid, drove up and, like Pushkin Prince Gvidon, "the bottom of the bottom and came out". Fortunately, there were already their own. The fugitive was taken to the railway and put on the train to Vladivostok, where it was unlikely to be to look for (usually all fled to the east, and to the west). Arriving, Gershuni sat on the Japanese vessel and was.

Shoots that could not be made


Sisters living in Canada, in the 1970s it was enough to make a person in the union. And the oceanographer Stanislav Kurilov dreamed of visiting the border. He, for ten years, Swaming Irtysh, who worked in the Profile Institute, who trained deep-water immersion, was simply obliged to go into large water.

However, to visit the cruise round "From the winter in the summer", Stanislav had full right: the Soviet Union liner followed from Vladivostok to the equator and back, without entering the ports. The design of the ship Kurilov did not please: the side had a mustache shape; Below, below the waterline, the underwater wings of one and a half meters wide, the portholes in the cabins were not entirely opened, and rotated on the axis dividing the "window" in half. Jump without crashing seemed impossible. And yet the place to jump into the water, which gave some chance to good luck, found: if you get into a small gap between the wings and the screw – you may be able to survive. Helped Stanislav and a map hanging in the captain’s logging, with route, coordinates and dates. He decided on the night of December 13, 1974 on the night of December 13, 1974, when the liner will pass by the Filipino Island of Siargao and to the shore will be "total" 10 maritime miles (18.5 km).

Liner "Soviet Union"

Jump from the 14-meter height turned out to be successful. With me the scientist had flippers, tube, mask and gloves. Two days and three nights of Kurilov struggled with the current, survived the storm and dehydration. The flow did not allow to accumulate to the ground that appeared in the area of ​​the line of sight on the outcome of the second day, but fortunately, it took it to the reef to the southern tip of the island.

The fugitive was picked up local fishermen, he spent the year in a local prison, from where he was raised with the help of the sister himself from Canada. With the help of her and received Canadian citizenship. In the USSR, he was sentenced to ten years in prison for treason.

In the cart Rudopop

Mexican drug trap Hoakina Gusmann on nicknamed shortcut could be called an experienced "runner". Once, there are four out of 20 years left, he fled in a cart with dirty linen, having heard that he was going to convey the United States.

Ten years later, in February 2014, he managed to hold again. But this time he did not stop in conclusion. Altiplano Strong Regime Prison 60-year-old Gusman left July 12, 2015. The last time he saw his cameras included in the shower cabin. As it turned out later, there was a hole in the floor, through which the fugitive was hit in a semi-kilometer tunnel, made clearly not sleep – with ventilation, lighting, staircase, – the other end of which went into the abandoned house.

In the construction of tunnels, Korotka Podnatorel: His drug player built about 90 such structures, by which drugs were shipped from Mexico to States. So it is not surprising that the latter announced the borrowing of the criminal at $ 5 million. But so far to no avail.

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