Shoot while young

We became humane. In order to feel like a hunter, it is not necessary to let the ruthless bullet in a living being. But the steel friend will remain like a graceful palm to the old boys forever, another thing is that in different countries it is possible to shoot very differently. TIR, Polygon, Safari, Rifle Club – Five best places where a height hunter and warrior will satisfy his instinct.

Museum named after. M.T. Kalashnikova, Izhevsk, Russia

Main automatic machine of all times and peoples and major weapons of most world armies. Of course, this is the legendary Kalash – Kalashnikov machine. And where else to try it out, as not in the homeland of the legend? Moreover, it is possible to shoot from all sorts of other old and supern samples of Soviet and our weapons, from Self-chained Carabin Simonov and Sniper Rifle of Dragunov "SVD" to the cult rifle of Mosina and Caraborn "Wear". For those who have a hand not sufficiently strong, accelerated special courses of a young fighter are provided.

Island Ko Lang, Pattaya, Thailand

Not everyone to laugh over the transvestites and gnawing fried grasshoppers. Real guys sit on the ferry and after an hour turn out to be on the wild island. There, in the impassable jungle, they are waiting for much more passionate entertainment – shooting from real combat weapons of different countries. And not on stupid targets, but on tin cans, bottles and buckets. So if I got, you will understand immediately – the cartridges of the fighting, and sometimes the bucket spreads to the shreds. Well, and if by – less need to drink roma. His, by the way, here in the jungle, arrows pour from the soul.

Taktikalise Laskmise Keskus, Tallinn, Estonia

It turns out that Estonians adore weapons and collected one of the best collections in Europe, and also equipped one of the most modern and comfortable tires on this side of the Atlantic. Fresh seaside air offers ready-to-eat European and American pistols, guns and machine guns, like the latest maizers, Mossberg, Single Shot Armolite Ar 50 and Remington 2009, as well as unique and rare copies – Japanese pistols "Kryno" and "Narbu".

Shoot while young

Tir "Nasty Coyote", TRC Dream Town, Kyiv, Ukraine

Bullet – fool. In Kyiv, you can do without smooth-bore toys – the other weapons of opposition to this world are conquered. In the capital of Ukraine there is a mounted men’s place – here are all types of non-traditional weapons that do not require the participation of the porch: onions, crossbow, dart, Chendrituen, Syricen, Boomerang and a dozen of other literally magical devices, the fruits of human genius, the names of which other warrior and will not unsubscribe. If there is a shooting skill without bullets – excellent, well, not – teach. Like our ancestors who needed to produce a snow leopard, regardless of the angle of falling the sleeve.

Massey’s Gun Shop&Range, Texas, USA

The Lord created people in different ways, and Mr. Colt made them equal. Where to try out the famous nine-tie TEC-9 on the nicknamed "Grandma" and seven-charged "Bourbon", as not in Texas, on the homeland of cowboy myths, presidents and the most honest music in the world? Moreover, returning to the era of Mr. Colt, it is possible to compare its products with no less loud and played a role in the development of the Wild West by the brands of resolution of disputes in Saluns and Prairies: Smith ENDSZON products ". These revolvers and hard drives under the scorching Texan Sun, among gigantic cacti and sullen Condors say without a smile.

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