Traffic in Vietnam

Road traffic in Vietnam is known worldwide, just like FO Soup and Rolls Ban Kuon. About it fit to make legends. This is where the real chaos and the cacophony of sound. Everyone tries to snag the routing. On the other hand, the rhythm of the life of Asia, which seems to us by Chaos, has its own rules. Can say this is a very ordered chaos living in its laws.

Watch the intersections in Vietnam is a pleasure. How do they understand who to miss? Easily! Who is louder to signal, the most. So the rule number 1: Hold Claxon in good condition. The number of motorbikes significantly exceeds the number of cars, of which it turns out the rule number 2: skip the motobike forward, he needs the most.

It is worth noting that such a chaotic road traffic in Vietnam everywhere, not only in Ho Chi Minh City. In Hanoi I had a hotel with a rooftop restaurant. Auto and motorbike signals did not make even at night and were heard on the 14th floor. Quieter in the village of Rustic Area, for example, in Sap or in Malat. Although mad drives of cars with motorbikes can be observed anywhere.

A separate attraction in Vietnam, as in Asia in general, – motorbikes, loaded with all sorts of top to the top. In this photo, the driver says to the whole view: I will spend the weekend with the chips.

Shock traffic in Vietnam - how to survive on the road, how to drive Viget, photo, video guide to Vietnam

The principle of Vietnamese cargo transportation on the motorbikes is very simple: more George – less ride. And, of course, you drive quieter and signal louder – you will go further

Agree that with such stress traffic it is very difficult to move the road. First it seems that the flow of cars will never end. Therefore, it is enough to step on the roadway and a slow step to go in a straight line, without making sharp movements. Be very predictable, the motobikes will unite you. This rule also applies to Thai roads, for example, on Patong Beach Island Phuket.

And how did you see traffic in Vietnam? Did you manage to make any crazy photos?

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