Shochekalko (Xochicalco)

Shochekalko (Xochicalco) – Ancient Decolumba settlement in the central part of Mexico, located 25 km south of Cuernavaca and 85 km south of Mexico City.

Name Shachikalko translates from Aztec as «House of flowers».

The settlement was first founded in 200 BC. NS., But developed in the city center only by the period of 700-900. NS. Almost all preserved buildings were built during this period. At the peak of development, the population of the city could be 20 thousand. human.

Shachikalko flourishing as a political, religious and shopping center for the period that followed after the collapse of the great states of Central America, such as Teotihuacan, Monte Alban, Palenk and Tikal.

From the point of view of architecture and iconography, Shockykalko looks like Teotihuacan, the city of Mayan civilization and culture Matlasin from the Toluca Valley.

The main ceremonial center and housing buildings (most of which are not digested) are located on long terraces on the slopes of artificially aligned hill.

Currently, a museum opened for visitors from 10 to 17 in an excavation area. You can get into the observatory only afternoon.

Shochekalko (Xochicalco)

Shachikalko entered the UNESCO World Heritage List and quite popular among tourists.

Of particular interest are sculptural reliefs on the walls of some buildings. In the church of the Pernoy Snake, there are images of this deity, the style of which is obvious about the effect of the art of Teotihuacan and Maya. Researchers expressed assumptions that artists from other parts of Mesoamerics could live in Shockikalko.

Among other monuments – Temples in the shape of terraced pyramids, palaces, three balls for playing ball, steam room, unusual row of round altars and cave with cut-out steps.

There are also several standing stele, others are currently being exposed at the Museum of the National Institute of Anthropology and History in Mexico City and the Museum on the site of excavations.

Shochekalko (Xochicalco)

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