Shipwreck "American Star"

On the west coast of the island, on one of the remote beaches of Playa de Garcia, is one of the most fascinating attractions. It is there, on the mel, standing a powerful ship «American old».

Liner, incredible sizes, over a dozen years, collapsed in half under the influence of wind and time. But in the last two years, «American old» does not change its prettiness. Now the ship is more like a ghost representing a really exciting spectacle.

Almost twenty years ago liner «American old» was removed from service and sent to Thailand, live up his days. However, when towing on January 18, 1994, a strong wind rose, so the vessel-tractor decided to secure and the commander was decided to depart «American old». The leaders of this transportation were sure that the vessel trash.


However, when weather conditions came to normal, none of the personnel could detect «American old». The loss of a huge liner Stalf is the most real mystery for many, while the vessel did not grace in the area of ​​Playa de Garcia.

In November 2005, the nasal part fell on the left side, and after partial destruction of the carcass in October 2006 «Star of America» Fully collapsed. In April 2007, the right side of the ship completely collapsed. It was the reason for most of the liner washed into the ocean. Currently, there are no part of the ship on the surface, and the fragments are scattered under water.

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