Ships on the bottom

They do not die, but continue to live under water, becoming a shelter for residents of the water kingdom and the object of studying divers, adventurers, scientists and researchers. The sunbathing ship can tell a whole story about the epoch, in which he was built, to open the secret of his care to the bottom and even reward brave diver of valuable find. «My planet» Chose the most famous ships, completed their path at the bottom.

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«Baron Gauch»

Date and place of crash: August 13, 1914, the coast of the city of Rovinj (Croatia).

In the world of divers luxury passenger steamer «Baron Gauch» is considered a cult ship to which immersion should be made. August 13, 1914, when following from Kotor in Trieste, Rovini offshore «Baron Gauch» ignored the signal of the mine bar «Basilisk» and blew up on mine. Despite the fact that the help arrived quickly, 177 passengers from 336 were aboard. Now the ship lies on a sandy day in a vertical position at a depth of 40 m and accessible to divers even with a small immersion experience.

«Andrea Doria»

Date and place of crash: July 26, 1956, New York coast.

Popular Italian Transatlantic Liner, named after the Genoese Admiral, «Andrea Doria» Each flight was almost completely downloaded by passengers. But on July 26, a catastrophe occurred: due to the strong fog, the crew of another liner — «Stockholm» I remembered the approaching ship late and rammed the right side «Andrea Doria», Leaving 12-meter hole in it. The evacuation of passengers was named one of the most successful rescue operations in the world, as everyone was able to save, except for those who died in a collision (46 people). The vessel is still resting at a depth of 72 m at the northeast coast of the United States, attracting divers from all over the world.

Date and place of crash: June 7, 1980, Cyprus Coast.

Giant Greek ferry «Zenobia» sank in his first swimming, repeating the path «Titanic» and «Bismarka». The vessel with a length of 172 m suddenly began to roll on the left side and four days later plunged into a depth of 42 m. This event is an example «happy» The death of the vessel, because all the crew members were saved. Starboard «Zenobia» resting at a depth of only 18 m, and anyone can get to him. Experienced divers this ship will not disappoint, since inside the sunken ship there are many interesting cargo, and 40-ton trucks with trailers are scattered around the ferry, and not reached the destination.

Finds with sunken ships

Ships on the bottom

Date and place of crash: April 15, 1912, Atlantic Ocean.

Museum with Nakhodka: Museum-Monument «Titanic Belfast», United Kingdom, Belfast, shipyard «Harland & Wolf»; Museum-ship «Titanic», USA, Tennessee, Pigemen-Fortj. Now the exhibition on which each detail of famous interiors is reconstructed «Titanic», It takes place in Moscow.

The British steamer company Whitestarline promised to be the most grandiose project in the field of civil shipbuilding, but failed at night on April 15, 1912 in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean and without reaching New York. Of the 2207 passengers managed to escape only 712. At the moment, the chips of the Titanic rest at a depth of 3750 m, it was possible to plunge into them only on our deep-water underwater devices «Mir-1» and «Mir-2».

Date and place of crash: May 7, 1915, the northern latitudes of the Atlantic Ocean 19 km from the shores of Ireland.

Museum with finds: National Maritime Museum, United Kingdom, London.

May 7, 1915 Transatlantic passenger liner «Lusitania», Made a full-time flight on New York — Liverpool, was attacked by the German submarine U-20 not far from the southern shore of Ireland. On his board, in addition to personal belongings were valuable web, including Rubens, Titian, Monet. 18 minutes after the explosion «Lusitania» completely plunged into the water. Of the 1959 people who were on board, died 1198. This incident caused a wide resonance in the international arena and gave rise to a large number of conspiracy theories caused by an unnaturally large sample in the nose part of the ship that did not correspond to the damner that torpedo.

Ships on the bottom

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