Shipka – famous pass through the Balkans

Shipka is a little Bulgarian city. Also – this is a vertex in the Balkan mountains height of 1523 m. Still under this name, famous Shipkin Pass through the Balkans. Initially, the top was called Sveti Nikola.

In 1954. She was renamed in honor of the head of the defense of Ships – General Counter. In 1977. The name changed again, now on sochipe.

Today, the top and its surroundings – National Park Museum of Shipka. At the very top, a monument of freedom rises. It was built in 1934. on voluntary donations of the Bulgarian people.

Shipka city is 12 km from g. Kazanlyk, at the southern foot of the Balkan Mountains, before the start of Shipkin Pass. Here is one of the most holy monuments of Bulgarian-our friendship – the christmas monument to Christ.

Shipkin Pass – on the Bulgarian "Shipchensky Pass" – Mountain pass through the Balkans, 1185 m height. Through it, the highway is held between Kazanyk, Gabrovo and Veliko Tarnovo. Pass goes to narrow outrogs of the Chief Balkan Range. He gradually rises to the mountain. Nicholas, then cool goes down to the Tundzhi Valley.

Higher history

In ancient times, these lands inhabited Thracians. In the vicinity of G. Ships and Kazanlika found many archaeological remains – tombs, weapons, armor, coins of that period. In the first century BC. NS. The city was conquered by the Romans.

After capturing Bulgaria by the Turks, in 1396., Here was a garrison for the protection and control of the Shipkin Pass. In the vicinity of Shipki and Shainovo, the bloody battles in the our-Turkish war were 1877-1878.

Sights Shipki

Church-Monument of the Nativity of Christ call another Shipkin monastery. It is located on the south side of Shipkin Pass.

34 Marble slabs with the names of the military units and the names of the our military and Bulgarian militias who have fallen during the defense of chips and in the battles in the cities of Kazanlyk and Stara Zagora installed inside the temple and on the walls of open gallery.

The remains of the heroes rest in sarcophagas in the chip of the temple.

Bells cast in Russia. On their production, the our military department allocated about 30 tons of shooting sleeves. Total in the temple 17 bells, the largest bell weighs 11,643 kg and is the personal gift of the emperor Nicholas second.

Construction was carried out from 1885 to 1902. The monument temple consists of a church, a monastery building, hotels for pilgrims, shelter and theological seminary. The temple of the handling, with square naoca and three apsides, the height of the bell tower is 53.4 meters. Architect A.Tomischko used the motivations of the Yaroslavl school of church architecture XVII in.

Monument of Freedom on Shipka Translation, According to Bulgarian – "Pamotnik on Shipka freedom". This is a memorial for the liberation of Bulgaria during the defense of Shipka Pass in the our-Turkish War of 1877-78.

The monument is at the peak of the shipping and is a stone tower in the form of a truncated pyramid with a height of 31.5 m. 890 steps lead to it.

Above the entrance to the tower is a bronze giant lion, a long 8 m and a height of 4 m, and the figure of a woman, which symbolizes the victory over the Ottoman troops. On the first floor of the complex there is marble sarcophagus with the remains of several dead in defense.

On four floors there is an exposition of Bulgarian military flags and other relics. From the top of the tower, a breathtaking view of the bike pass and the surroundings.

Shipka - famous pass through the Balkans

Monument was opened in 1934. It is built on the project of the architect of Atanas Donkova and the sculptor Alexander Andreeva for donations of the Bulgarian people.

Every August near the monument is conducted by the historical reconstruction of the events of 1877. An important part of the event is a memorial service for those who died here with our, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Romanian and Finnish soldiers, as well as Bulgarian militias.

Not far from the monument is the historic rocky peak of the Orlinic nest, where the most dramatic battles occurred. Every year on the day of the liberation of Bulgaria, March 3, the national celebrations are held here.

Neighborhood of Shipki

Under the top of Boslugge there is a monument to Haji Dimitra – the sculptural figure of the governor and his readniks – on 28 stone blocks their names are written. There is a tourist village and two tourist houses "Buzludzha".

Other source sights in the neighborhood: Monastery of St. Nicholas by the Magli River and the Church of St. Paraskeva – the oldest in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKazanek.

One of the most beautiful Bulgarian reservoirs "Coprinka" in the rose valley is located at 6 – 7 km west of Kazanlyk. Here built a large tourist base – a great place to relax, sports and tourism among nature. At the bottom of the reservoir found the remains of the ancient Thracian city of Sevtopolis.

2 km from the village of Russodnik, near the Tundja River there are Kazanlyk mineral baths and an outdoor beach with mineral water.

This area provides opportunities for Eco and hiking with marked tourist routes over Shipkinsky Balkan.

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