Ship-Museum United Kingdom

Ship Museum «United Kingdom» Previously, a swimming liner in the ocean. He made numerous flights between New York and Bristole. At one time, the passenger motor ship was a loose place for travelers. The project created Izambard Kingdom Brunetel, a well-known engineer who rebuilt the Bristeron Bridge. First cruise «Great Britain» Passed in 1845, due to its high-quality corps and the engine, the steamer crossed the entire ocean. Swimming lasted two weeks.

In the shipyards of Bristol «United Kingdom» First was launched on the water, it happened in 1843.

British shipbuilders gave a positive assessment of the Metal Case of the Ship. His corps was not afraid of rust and damage. During the shutter of the ship on the water, the Prince Alber himself participated in it.

Ship-Museum United Kingdom Attractions Bristol Travel Guide

On the upper steps of the steamer were cabins for passengers, and the bottom was intended for the carriage of goods.

During a long flight, the ship broke. In 1846, the ship was stranded because of the breakdown in the navigation system. The company carried colossal losses. Then ship museum «United Kingdom» became a floating warehouse for coal. Today Ship Museum «United Kingdom» became a chapter for tourists.

Ship-Museum United Kingdom Attractions Bristol Travel Guide

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