Ship Jen He will restore

In China, a copy will be the flagship of the famous Chinese general Cheng Ho who has committed 7 travel in more than 30 Asian and African countries in 1405 for the years 1433 during the Ming Dynasty. He began to build a shipyard in Nanjing (Jiangsu). Water "treasure ship" later, in 2014. On the ship, with a displacement of 1800 tons up to six masts, its length will be 71.1 meters in length and 14 meters in height.

Chinese sailors from the VIII century, went into the sea to the Persian Gulf on the junks, which evoked the admiration of all. A trial of the commander, admiral and diplomat Zheng He (1371-1435) generally had no equal, causing the admiration of all. Come down on the descriptions of each junk was divided into compartments: this made it possible to deal with both the water which could come from the holes, and the fire. In addition, the swelling can be positioned cabin – it was innovation and luxury in those days.

Ship Jen He will restore

However, the modern shipbuilders question the enthusiastic description – it is estimated that all the junks had a massive body and a small sail area, which would not allow floatation device to walk long distances. Was it the wooden "Titanic", or through the century to his contemporaries came only exaggerated description junks Zheng He? Perhaps the truth is somewhere in between, the more "treasure ship" flagship boat could be called because of the presence on it of Admiral, who bore the nickname syanbao – "Three Jewels". Zheng He was one of the famous castrato of the Ming Dynasty, who led seven major military and commercial maritime missions in the countries of the Indian subcontinent, Indochina, East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

These costly for the Chinese treasury hikes caused criticism from the Chinese Confucian elite. Despite the fact that they contributed to the development of Chinese migration fleet in other countries and cultural enrichment, after the death of Emperor Zhu Di, they have been discontinued. A large part of the technical information on the ships was destroyed or lost.

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