Shimba Hills Reserve (Shimba Hills Nature Reserve)

Shimba Hills Reserve (Shimba Hills Nr) – Located 30 minutes from the south side of Mombasa. The reserve is a charming distinguished forest with a permanent breeze from Kilimanjaro Mountain, towering above sea level by 427 meters. This unique fleet serves as a house for elephants, bulls, lions, leopards, giraffes (recently transported to the park), as well as several types of primates. The biggest antelope in Africa called a saber, lives only in Schimba Hills Park. This antilope is considered the most valuable in the park. About 200 pieces of such antelope live in Shimba Park.

In this park there are very rare tropical rain forests that are preserved only in several parks of the Eastern Coast. African wood known in Kisvacheli as a MISU, along with several varieties of ferns and various fossils, age more than 220 years, are among special trees and plants growing in this forest.

Shimba Hills Reserve (Shimba Hills Nature Reserve)

Shimba Hills National Reserve is known for the very rare bird species. In the park were seen such species of birds as a black-eyed Drop and Madagascar Night Heron.

In addition to the natural life of wildlife, plants and birds, the Shimba Park is also known for the beauty of his landscapes that include hills and valleys that continue far beyond the park. The most popular tourist place in the park – This is 25 meter Waterfall Sheldrik. This is one of the most favorable places in the park to observe wildlife and animals.

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