Shikotan – internal tourism for bold

Sometimes our country can surprise even a sophisticated traveler. Far and Mysterious Island Shikotan is worth seeing him at least once in life. Fancy nature and endless ocean – The main advantages of the pearl of the Kuril Islands.

That the edge of the world can be found exactly here, not empty words. On the island there is an interesting sight &# 8211; "Cape Edge Light". Cape, length near a kilometer, a stunning ocean view opens. After all, the closest piece of sushi in thousands of kilometers. You may have watched the Soviet film "Life and Adventures of Robinson Cruzo", but do you know that He was removed here In the beautiful bays Shicotan?

Since some time island owned by the country of the rising sun, there is some Japanese heritage. The most interesting – Lighthouse Shppberg, named after the navigator Shppberg Martyn Petrovich, who actually opened the island in 1738 calling his figure. Lighthouse was built in 1943 and became the last built Japanese. Now he is not in the best condition, slowly collapsing and winds, but still looks impressive.

Nature Shikotana is Of course, the main thing, for what is worth doing this distant journey. Here as if you get the hero of cartoons Hayao Miyazaki, so here is unusual and pacificate. In contrast to the neighboring islands There are no predators here, representing a threat man. And if on Kunashir and ITUPUP Bear a sign character, then here you can be calm for your safety. Walk, go fishing and stay with a tent, because The most terrible animals here are foxes and sands. The plant "Bammouth" plant is also not a hindrance, because it does not grow up to large sizes as on other islands, but represents something like a carpet, which can be comfortable walking. But beware &# 8220; Iprtics&# 8221 ;, this Extremely poisonous plant, which you need to "know in the face". It can cause a heavy allergic reaction, so it is better to bypass it.

Shikotan - internal tourism for bold

Climate on the island Pretty soft, But there may be strong winds and typhoon. Warm warm about -5 degrees. There are no volcanoes and volcanic activity. Earthquakes occur, the last major was in 1994. Summer is usually installed comfortable weather, the sun is hotter here than on the mainland. Best months for visiting August and September. You can get on a steamer or aircraft from Sakhalin. Tourism is strong enough, even in comparison with the neighboring islands, and more suitable for wild tourism, but there are still a couple of hotels and cafes. Or you can buy completely Organized Sakhalin Tour If you do not want to solve household questions. Also you will need a pass as the whole The island is border, He orders in advance about a month before the trip.

The road to Shikotan can be difficult and long, but at least once once, he will forever remain in your heart.

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