Shibrcher and Jetovators: New Restaurants for Water

Just imagine: noise is growing over a clean sea, and suddenly from under the surface jumps out five meters «shark»! It rises 4 m above sea level, then flipped into water and rushes at a speed of 95 km / h, extracting unthinkable monograms. After that – rotates around its axis and again dives to a depth of up to 2 meters! Of course, this «shark» – Not really real. It is a hybrid of a hydrocycle and a submarine, in which two people are placed: a pilot and a passenger.

Called this high-speed seabreacher, i.e «Pumping sea». It is equipped with a waterment engine with a capacity of 260 liters.with., which allows you to develop underwater speed of 40 km / h. Its controls are copied with shark fins, which allows the pilot to famously maneuver. To supply air to the engine with underwater movement, a snorkel is provided, and the cab is equipped with a monitor that shows images from external cameras.

Shibriers in the form of predatory sharks and elegant dolphins produces an American company «Innerspace». It began its activity in the late 1990s, but the mechanical sharks received the real popularity among tourists-extremals only recently. One of the world’s centers where the sibrotech riding is developed, Dubai is considered. True pleasure is not cheap – The half-hour high-speed walk will cost 850 local dirhams, that is, in 17 thousand. USD The cost of making such boats to order starts from 108 thousand. Euro.

Jetovator (Jetovator): Flying Aquabike Stool

Shibrcher and Jetovator New Restaurants on Water

But another, relatively new, extreme entertainment, the jetovator is much cheaper – Approximately 10 thousand. dollars. His name comes from two english words – JET (jet stream) and Elevator (lift). Accordingly, the device allows extremal to rise above the water, balancing on three powerful jets of water.

Masters who have mastered the shapes of the highest pilotage, manage to float on jetsters at an altitude of 10 m and fly at a speed of 40 km / h, highlighting unimaginable. The device also allows you to fall to the meter to the meter, and then jump out from there to the air. Interestingly, people who told flights on jetsters claim that they are quite simple to manage them and you can quickly learn the simplest techniques.

Constructive device is «Stool» With two handles of control and three nozzles. He has no motor, and water under strong pressure is served in a jetovator on a hose from an ordinary hydrocycle. It is important that its power is at least 130 liters.with., otherwise the lifting force is not enough for take-off. In addition, you will need a friend’s help that will control the water supply from the hydrocycle. However, all difficulties with more than paying for a feeling of flight and sparkling emotions!

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