Shevkia (Xewkija)

Sheukia (Xewkija) – Village on the island of Gozo, is located between Victoria and the harbor of MJARR. Population – 3115 people (2005).

A huge dome of the church towers over the village, the construction of which lasted 20 years, and was completed only in 1971. The constructed church is the answer to the Dome of the Bridge in Malta (Mosta Rotunda). It was built on the place of the earlier church of the 17th century, which was demolished only at the last moment. The dome of the church in its size is superior to the dome of the Cathedral of St. Paul in London. The church can accommodate up to 3000 parishioners, that is, the entire population of Sheuki.

Shevkia (Xewkija)

At the village ancient roots, although the view it has quite modern. She is the first, except for the capital, became a church arrival, and, according to legend, was the first settlement on the Gozo, who appeal to Christianity. This area was populated by Arabs.

The monuments of Arab culture in the vicinity of Sheukia are the famous Marble Plate of Majuna (Majmuna) with an inscription carved in Arabic, which dates back to 1173g. The stove is a tombstone monument of the Arab girl named Maimuna, who died and was buried in the middle between the villages of Sheukia and Sannat. Today, the Maimuna Plate is one of the most precious historical treasures of the Maltese islands, and is located in the Museum of Archeology in Victoria. Arab influence continued even during the Board of the Knights – several houses of the 17th century have stone balconies in Mauritan style, with characteristic stone carvings.

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