Sherlock Holmes Birthday

January 5, 2013 In the capital of Latvia, the birthday of the world’s most famous detective is celebrated – Sherlock Holmes. In the program of the festival: a colorful costume procession, movie shows, a parade of dogs of English breeds, folk festivities, interactive games for all those who came to the holiday and many other surprises from the organizers.

Festive events dedicated to Sherlock Holmes will be held in different parts of the city throughout the day, but the most interesting celebrations will focus on sites in the center of Riga. From 13 to 15 hours, a costume procession "Sherlock Holmes" will hold, the costumes for which many lovers of detective have made them.

Parade will be held through the central streets of Riga to the street of Jaunalel 21 in Old Riga – this is the famous house on Baker Street, 21 V, where the filming of the most popular Soviet film "The adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson". Participants who created the most original images of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and other characters from the book Conan Doyle will be awarded prizes. Here from 14 to 18 hours at the Riga Baker Street, everyone will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of England of the XIX century and take part in the retro photo shoot, photographed in a suit of that period.

And at 15 o’clock in the house square, a festive parade of dogs of various English breeds will begin, who were also the heroes of the stories about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes: here you can see Foxtrice, Bulldog Tory, Cocker Spaniel Snuppped, and, of course, the famous Baskerville Mastiff.

Sherlock Holmes Birthday

None of the guests of the festival will remain hungry: on the house area from 14 to 16 hours, the butler Barrymore will treat all those who wanted traditional English dish – oatmeal with a jam. And at 17 o’clock, Five O`Clock comes and numerous cafes will hold a classic English tea ceremony.

In the Old Riga all day long, excursions will be held at the places of filming about Sherlock Holmes, guests will be able to ensure that there is an interactive investigation game based on the stories of Conan Doyle, as well as buy souvenirs at special fairs.

Evening program will be no less interesting: movie theaters will show films about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes – and Soviet, and directed by directors of different countries. Costumed Victorian-style costumes will be held in Riga nightclubs. And the day of Sherlock Holmes is ends with festive salute.

Sherlock Holmes Birthday

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