Shenzhen (Shenzhen)

Shenzhen (Shenzhen) – Large city in the south of China, located in Guangdong Province, 2,230 km north of Beijing, on the border with Hong Kong. Population – 10 357 938 people (2010).

Shenzhen city is one of the three most early special economic zones (1980), the first fruit of China’s new policy. Currently, this is one of the richest and most actively developing cities of the country.

Shenzhen is not very popular among foreigners, most tourists are the Chinese (including Hong Kongs), which attracts good shopping (prices here are lower in comparison with neighboring Hong Kong), numerous thematic and natural parks, as well as rich cultural life.

In the city itself, it is not particularly for that, but there are many opportunities for walking and traveling around the neighborhood. Especially good walking through the urban area near the border with Hong Kong.

Many foreign visitor say that Shenzhen is what it would be with China if not communism.

From the point of view of climate, the best time to visit Shenzhen is the period from October to December, when a pleasant coolness costs in the city. In the summer months – wet and hot, sometimes there are typhoons. Spring – Tuman, there are thunderstorms.

Magnificent China and National Culture Village Splendid China & FOLK CULTURE VILLAGE) – A large cultural tourist area in the form of two thematic parks, filling folk art, history, folk customs, morals and architecture of all Nationalities of China.

First Park «Gorgeous China» (Splendid China) – Here are all the sights of China on a reduced scale: the Forbidden City of Beijing, the Great Wall, Potala Palace in Lhasa, Monastery Shaolin, Suzhou Gardens, Rocks Guilin, Mount Tianshhan from Xinjiang, Stone Forest from Yunnani, and some Attractions Taiwan. Its area is more than 300 thousand. kv. M.

Shenzhen (Shenzhen)

The second park "Village of National Culture" (Folk Culture Village) – covers the territory of 200 thousand. kv. M, here there are 24 typical national villages, concentrated customs and produce 56 nationalities of China.

Window in the world
(Window of the World) – Big theme park, area of ​​480,000 kV.M. In it, in addition to beautiful natural landscapes, melting to see miniatures of world attractions, such as Egyptian pyramids, Pisa Tower, Taj Mahal, Big Canyon and TP. Home Themes – Culture of the whole world, there are merged into a single whole famous places, landscapes, folk customs, morals, folk songs and dancing around the world.

Safari Park Safari Park) – Great open-air zoo, where visitors can observe wildlife from vehicles, and not browse animals in cells and small pens. The main attraction of the park are large African animals, such as giraffes, lions, rhinos, elephants, zebras and antelopes.

Happy Valley (Happy Valley) – Entertainment theme park in Shenzhen, located on an area of ​​86 hectares and consisting of nine stylized thematic areas.

Park Zones: Spanish Square, Cartoon City, Mt. Adventure, Gold Mine Town, Shangri-La Woods, Sunshine Beach, Typhoon Bay, Playa Maya Water Park and Happy Times.

Happy Valley Park provides numerous entertainment and attractions for adults and children.

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