Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque)

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque) Displays the dizzying state of the Arab Emirates, symbolizes the Muslim faith, it is a palace from the book «Thousand and One Nights» itself. Sightseeing occupies a territory of five football fields, there are a large number of gems and gold on the walls of the building.

The mosque is dedicated to Sheikh Ibn Sultan Al Najiana, he united the beggar of Bedouins in the richest country on earth. Construction began in the mid-90s, and ended by 2007. The total cost of work amounted to more than 500 million dollars. The swipe of the mosque is striking, such materials are used here: marble from China and Italy, carpets from Iran, chandeliers from Austria and Germany, glass from India and Greece.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque)

The snow-white building was opened for tourists in 2008, even the Queen of Great Britain came here. Tourists come here from around the world to look at the elegant finish of the building, the world’s largest chandelier, which weighs more than 9 tons, as well as a giant carpet of 6 thousand square meters (it was made for two years 1200 women). About 40 thousand people can be here at the same time.

Travelers advise to visit the mosque not only during the daytime, but also in the evening, when it is highlighted from all sides, and the dome and minarets are reflected in the water, which creates a magical atmosphere. You can get here from the central bus station Abu Dhabi on the buses NO 32, 44 and 54 (stop Zayed Mosque).

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque)

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