Sheikh Zaid Memorial

Sheikh Zaid Memorial is not a top attraction in Abu Dhabi, but very interesting, and besides free. In addition, the memorial is located next to other, more popular attractions, so it is not necessary to go specially here.

As of February 2021, Sheikh Zaid Memorial is open to visitors. Previously, it was necessary to book a visit through the official website (Mera Covid-Security), but now no. Now the pre-registration is only recommended, but not obligatory. Excursions need to be booked by mail Visit @ ThefoundersMemorial.AE

Photo from the main entrance to the Memorial

This is one of the most "fresh" sights of the UAE, the memorial was opened in 2018 in honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Sheikh Zaid Al-Najiana.

Briefly. Whose Memorial is? Who is sheikh Zaid?

Sheikh Ibn-Sultan Al-Najiani – Emir Abu Dhabi from 1966 to 2004. Founder and permanent President of the UAE from 1971 to 2004.

Citizens of the UAE call him "Father of the Nation". Without a doubt, this is the ruler with a great talent that was able to very reasonably dispose of oil money and build a modern and prosperous state on them.

Read in detail in our article "Sheikh Zaid".

The memory of Sheikh Zaid is immortalized primarily in the Big Mosque Sheikh Zaid, his grave is located in the mosque, in a small mausoleum just north of the main building. The second important object of the memory of Sheikh Zaid is a memorial about which we will talk about in this article.

Brief description of the sights

Memorial is a park of about 200 per 200 meters. This park is called "Sanctuary Garden" ("Sanctuary Garden").

In the center there is a building "Constellation" ("The constellation"). This is a huge concrete frame with a height of 30 meters, inside which 1110 strings are stretched vertically, on which 1327 reflective elements are fixed. These elements form a three-dimensional portrait of Sheikh Zaid al-Najiana.

Author of this portrait – American artist Ralph Helmik. Elements are made in the form of correct polyhedra, according to the scientific – "Platonic of the body". This is: Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, Ikosahedron.

The best portrait looks after sunset when you turn on the backlight.

But besides the "constellation", there are many interesting things here. Symbolic trees are planted in the park. Most of all here trees like "Exoprice" is a tree-symbol of the UAE. Also present the main plants of the desert, which symbolize the continuous connection of Sheikh Zaid and modern Arab Emirates with the desert.

Before the "constellation" there is a chute in which water constantly flows. This is a symbol of the Arab Irrigation Wheldge. And this symbol emphasizes the inseparable bond of modern Arab Emirates and the traditional Arabic lifestyle.

North from the park is the information center. Here you can make an excursion, watch a film about Sheikh Zaid, look at the interactive photo screens, read the history of life and the famous quotes of "Father Nation".


Pass from 9-00 to 22-00. Excursion duration – 30 minutes. Price – free. Languages ​​- Arabic and English.

Usually not need to be recorded on the excursion, you can simply go to the information center and to join the next group there. However, groups of schoolchildren or organized groups of tourists will be brought here, and then you can not get on the excursion.

If you really want to get on the excursion, then book a place in advance, write to e-mail: visit @ thefoundersmemorial.AE

Where is and how to get

Memorial is located at the intersection of Corniche and Al Marsa streets. It is in the center of the tourist area in the north-west of the city. Below, see the map of the district and the Mutual location of the sights.

Map of tourist sites

Weest from Memorial Located Famous Emirates Palace Hotel. North Al-Qasir Island, TRC Marina Mall, Heritage Village and Flagpole UAE. East beaches and promenade Kornish. South Etihad Skyscrapers and 300 Overview.

Usually tourists do not go to the Sheikh Zaid Memorial specifically. Go to this area and look all together.

The easiest way to take a taxi, the cost of the trip depends on the location of the hotel – 12-50 Dirhams. Current course, see our article "What Money in the UAE". Taxi tariffs in the article "Taxi in the UAE".

Sheikh Zaid Memorial

Cheaper to reach by bus, ticket price – 2 Dirhama. To pay for the passage you need a Hafilat transport card, you can buy it from the driver.

Nearby bus routes: 5, 7, 9, 11, 20, 22, 26, 34, 63, 65, 67, 69, 71. Surely, some of them stop next to your hotel. If you do not want to guess, then just ask for the hotel’s reception.

If you decide to come here from Dubai, then read our article "How to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi".

Input price

Is free. All services at the Memorial for free, including excursions and watching the film.

Opening hours

On Friday, the opening hours are the same.

Per month Ramadan – from 9-00 to 14-00 and from 20-00 to 01-00 nights.

Tips for tourists

– There is no cafe or shop on the memorial. Snack and water stare in advance;

– on the territory of the Memorial, north of the information center there is free parking;

– Dress code is valid, although not very strict. We talked about the dress code in the article "What can not tourists in the UAE";

– Trying to climb on the "constellation" categorically prohibited! This is an object of cultural heritage of the UAE.

Have a good holiday in Abu Dhabi, and read our useful for tourists and interesting articles about the Arab Emirates (List of articles below).

Sheikh Zaid Memorial

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