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Streets, mosques, airports and other objects are named after these people in the UAE. They are shown on television, photos can be seen in newspapers and advertising posters. These are sheikh – the ruling elite. In this article, we will tell about those who created and built the Arab Emirates – the rulers of the country of the past, present and future. So who is who in the UAE?

Last update of this article – February 2021. Over the past year of change in the ruling elite, the UAE was not. Considering the desired age of most rulers, it can be considered luck. Even Coronavirus did not touch anyone, at least this was not officially reported.

Who is sheikh

With the word "sheikh" ours represent the ruler of the Arabic (or even any Islamic) state. The presentation is not quite correct. In fact, this title gives at the birth of the whole representative of the royal genera of some Arab countries. We emphasize the word "some", for example, members of the royal family Morocco do not wear the title "Sheikh".

Accordingly, in the UAE seven Emirates, seven royal families and in every dozens or hundreds of people. Title "Sheikh" more than a thousand people are worn here.

Abu Dhabi

Emirate of Abu Dhabi Rules Al-Nahayan family.

Sheikh Zaid Ibn-Sultan al-Nahayyan

May 6, 1918 – November 2, 2004. On the photo on the left, click on the photo to enlarge.

Creator of the UAE and the first President of the country (December 2, 1971 – 2 Nov 2004), Emir Abu Dhabi (6 Aug 1966 – 2 Nov 2004).

Sheikh Zayd used oil revenues and made the UAE from the third world country in a modern rich state. His ideas and values ​​were made by the Arab Emirates of the country "for citizens and for the sake of citizens".

The name of Sheikh Zaid meets tourists most often. In the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in his honor, a famous landmark is named – a big mosque Sheikh Zaid. The second sizes of the mosque in the UAE is located in Fujaire and also carries his name. In Dubai, the main highway is called Sheikh Zaid Road. In the city of Giza in Egypt, there is even a district of Sheikh Zaid City in his honor.

In detail to tell about Sheich Zaya on this page there is no point in the meaning, it is better to read our separate articles "Sheikh Zayd Ibn-Sultan Al-Nahayan" and "History of the Arab Emirates".

Sheikh Khalifa ibn-zaid al-Nahayyan

September 7, 1948 – now live. On the photo on the left, click to enlarge.

President of the UAE (from November 3, 2004 – the current moment), Emir Abu Dhabi (from November 2, 2004 – this moment).

Senior Son Sheikh Zaid inherited Trone Abu Dhabi after the death of the Father on November 2, 2004. At the time of the first time he was already 56 years old.

It would seem that at such age the reforms no longer want, however, Khalifa could change a lot in Abu Dhabi and all the Arab Emirates.

Sheikh Khalifa received a military education, he graduated from the Royal Academy of Sandherst (United Kingdom). On February 1, 1969, Khalifa was crowned as the Crown Prince Abu Dhabi and was appointed Minister of Defense. It was Califa who created the army of Abu Dhabi and the UAE in its current modern form.

After the formation of the UAE in 1971, he held posts by Prime Minister Abu Dhabi, Heads of the Executive Board Abu Dhabi, Vice President of the UAE. In the late 80s, he became the head of the Supreme Oil Council, having received a de facto full power over oil revenues in the UAE.

In the late 90s, the health of Sheikh Zaid no longer allowed to perform all the functions of the President of the UAE. Khalifa was de facto by the President of the UAE and Emir Abu Dhabi. November 2, 2004, after the death of his father, Sheikh Khalifa inherited the throne, the next day (November 3) officially entered the position of President of the UAE.

Abu Dhabi in his rule changed. To the dress code and the behavior of tourists began to relate much softer. Many people remember that once in the UAE did not sit in one room for a man and a woman if they are not married. Or did not go into the country a woman-tourist without escorting husband, father or brother. Now all this in the past. Current list of behaviors, read in our article "What tourists can not be in the UAE".

Many famous projects in Abu Dhabi initiated or supported Sheikh Khalifa. The brightest is the island of the Yas with Park Ferrari World, TC Zas Mall, Water Park Yas Vämtervord, Racing Roga Yas Marina. Island of Saadyat with art galleries, branches of Museums Louvre and Guggenheim.

In January 2014, Sheikh Khalifa survived the stroke. His current state is unknown. The duties of the President of the UAE and Emir Abu Dhabi performs his brother – Mohammed Ibn Zaid Al-Nahayan.

Sheikh Mohammed Ibn-Zaid Al-Nahayan

March 11, 1961 – now live. On the photo on the left, click to enlarge.

Officially, the Crown Prince Abu Dhabi, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the UAE.

In fact, Emir Abu Dhabi, President of the UAE.

Third Son Sheikh Zaid. Interesting moment that they with Khalifa are summary brothers. Khalifa was born at the first wife – Hassa Bint-Mohammed Ibn Khalifa. Sheikh Mohammed Ibn Zaid was born from the Third Wife – Fatima Bint-Mubarak al-Ketby.

Sheikhini Fatima Bint-Mubarak Al-Ketbi was born only 6 sons: Mohammed, Hamdan, Hazza, Tanun, Mansur and Abdul. They are called "Bati Fatima" or "Fatim’s Sons", they form the most influential block in the al-Nahayan family.

Fatim’s sons have always been influential, some political scientists even assign themselves the leading role in those changes in Abu Dhabi, which have occurred since 2004. They received the full power only in 2014, when Sheikha Khalifu enough hit. It is now difficult to say whether the vector of their internal and foreign policy will change. Wait and see.

Muhammed Ibn Zaid studied at the Al-Ain school, then in Abu Dhabi. Entered the Academy of Sandherst (United Kingdom) in 1979. Trained military skills of piloting helicopter, driving armored vehicles, parachute jump. After returning from England, Military Training in Sharjah passed, became an officer of the UAE Sun officer.

He was an officer Amiri Guards (elite division), the pilot of the UAE Air Force, eventually became the commander-in-chief of the Sun UAE.

In 2003, he was proclaimed by the second Crown Prince Abu Dhabi. After the death of the Father on November 2, 2004 became the Crown Prince. Since December 2004, Chairman of the Executive Board Abu Dhabi, a member of the Higher Oil Council.

While world leaders and political scientists look at Sheih Muhammad. It is known that he believes that the UAE should play a much larger role in world politics. Loves a falcon hunt, like father. Interested in poetry and writes poems in the style of Nabati.

Sheikhin Fatima Bint-Mubarak al-Ketby

The third spouse Sheikh Zaid, mother of six of his sons, including the Crown Prince Mohammed (the actual ruler of Abu Dhabi and the President of the UAE).

This woman played a big role in the UAE policy on the board of her husband Sheikh Zaid, and remains very influential until now. She is called "mother of the nation".

Accurate date of her birth is unknown. She probably was born in the mid-40th in Al-Ain. In the 60s married Zaid Al-Nahayan, becoming his third wife.

In 1973, she founded the Women’s Awakening Society Abu Dhabi – the first female public organization in the UAE. In 1975, he created and headed the main union of women of the UAE. The main area of ​​interests of these organizations was an education, because then in the UAE, the girls did not study at all. In 2004, Fatima promoted the appointment of the first woman-minister.

Now she is still headed by the main alliance of women, the Supreme Council on Motherhood and Childhood, family development fund and several other organizations. And this is despite old age! Naturally, Fatima has a gigantic influence on the policy of Sheikh Mohammed and the case "Bani Fatima".


Emirate of Dubai ruled Al-Mackum family.

Sheikh Mohammed Ibn-Rashid Al-Macktum

July 15, 1949 – now live. On the photo on the left, click to enlarge.

The ruling Emir Dubai (officially from January 4, 2006, in fact, from January 3, 1995), Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE from February 11, 2006.

Sheikh Mohammed called "Architect of Modern Dubai". This is a very versatile educated person and now the most famous leader in the UAE.

Mohammed became the third son of the ruler Dubai Sheikh Rashid Ibn-Said al-Maktumum. His mother of Lafita was the daughter of the ruler Abu Dhabi Sheikh Hamadan Ibn-Zaid Al-Najiana. As a child, Mohammed received a secular, traditional Islamic education. In 1966 (at the age of 18) he studied in the UK in the Cadet Corps Mons and In Italy by the pilot.

In 1968, Mohammed attended the meeting of his father with the Sheikh Zaita in Argub, El Sedir, where the rulers of Dubai and Abu Dhabi agreed on the imminent creation of the UAE. After the formation of the UAE was the Minister of Defense and the Head of Police of Dubai.

On October 7, 1990, the father of Mohammed and the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Rashid Ibn-Said died. Power switched to the eldest son – Sheikhu Maktum Ibn-Rashid, who loved the horse riding very much, was an excellent athlete, but did not pull to politics and management.

On January 4, 1995, Maktum Ibn-Rashid appoints Muhammed by the hereditary prince and, in fact, gives him power in Emirate Dubai. On January 4, 2006, Maktum Ibn Rashid died from a heart attack, Muhammed Ibn-Rashid becomes the official ruler of Dubai.

The list of achievements of Mohammed Ibn-Rashid is huge. He diversified the economy of Dubai, now income from oil make up only 4% of the Emirates GDP, Dubai became a shopping "Mecca", inferior only to London, the largest shopping and financial center.

With his support or on his initiative, the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al-Arab, Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountains, Emirates Airlines, Dubai Metro, Artificial Islands Palm and World, the world’s largest artificial harbor Jebel Ali, Dubai Internet City Zone Hundreds of other projects.

He became famous for his raids to businesses, where he personally checked whether employees are in their places, and dismissed missing. Sheikh Mohammed Ibn-Rashid is famous for intolerance to corruption, hundreds of officials who are shown in bribes and the use of their personal goals went to prisons.

Now (approx.: The article was updated in the fall of 2020) he was already 71 years old, but he is full of energy and successfully implements his development plan for Dubai until 2021. Recently, he took part in the Arab Strategic Forum, watch the photo, and you will not say that he is the eighth tent.

Sheikh Hamdan Ibn Mohammed Al-Mackum

November 14, 1982 – now live. On the photo on the left, click to enlarge.

Crown Prince Dubai, member of the Executive Board of Dubai (since 2006).

Second Son Sheikh Mohammed Ibn Rashid. To him now look closely, politicians and political scientists, economists and sociologists. Of course, Sheikh Mohammed live and active, but still he has already been 71 years old, age can "take their".

He studied in Dubai Government School, Sandherst Military Academy (United Kingdom), London School of Economics. Diversified formed, known as a poet under the pseudonym "Phazza".

While his actions are more showful. He personally licked the UAE flag on the top of Burj Khalifa after the announcement of the city of Dubai winner in the competition for WORLD EXPO 2020. Established a prize for photographers named itself. Winner and winner of international equestrian competitions.

A very popular person – more than 10 million subscribers in Instagram. Account "FAZ3", look, he has an interesting page.

There is almost nothing about his political views. It is assumed that if Hamdan will continue to continue his father’s line.

Sheikh Rashid Ibn Said Al-Mackum

June 11, 1912 – October 7, 1990. On the photo on the left, click to enlarge.

First Prime Minister of the UAE (1971-1990), Emir Dubai (1958-1990).

He is called "Father Dubai", it was in his rule Dubai that turned from a small settlement along the Creek Channel to the big city.

Sheikh Rashid said the famous phrase: "My grandfather traveled on a camel, my father went on a camel, I drive a Mercedes, my son goes to Land Rover, his son will ride Land Rovere, but his son will ride a camel".

This Sheikh Rashid wanted to say that oil will end through the generation, and you need to do something. His son Muhammed Ibn-Rashid remembered the words of the Father and "untied" the economy of the oak from oil.

Sheikh Rashid was co-author of the United Arab Emirates, in 1968, together with Sheikh Zaita from Abu Dhabi, agreed on the creation of a single state, and then another 5 Emirates were joined.

Rashid Ibn Said Al-Mackum – Legendary in Dubai Personality.


Emirate of Sharjah Rules Al-Qasimi Family.

Sheikh Sultan Ibn-Mohammed Al-Qasimi (Sultan III)

July 2, 1939 – now live. On the photo on the left, click to enlarge.

Emir Sharji (1972 – in now), President of the University of Sharjah, President of the American University of Sharjah, Professor of Exeter University, Professor of the University of Cairo, Chairman of the Arabic Language Academy in Sharjah.

Got a secondary education in Sharjah, Dubai and Kuwait. Next studied at the University of Cairo in the field of agriculture. Already being ruler, Sharjah became twice by Dr. Science at the University of Exter (United Kingdom) and the University of Durham (United Kingdom).

It is also called Sheikh Dr. Sultan III. He is the most educated ruler in the UAE. It is not surprising that even before the topics in Sharjah, Sultan III became the Minister of Education of the UAE.

Very interesting story about how Sultan III was on the throne. Until 1965 in Sharjah, the rules of Sheikh Sacre Ibn-Sultan, but in 1965 the British arranged a coup and planted on the throne of Sheikh Khalida Ibn-Mohammed.

January 24, 1972 Sacre Ibn-Sultan tried to return the throne, organized a coup with a small military group forces, mostly Egyptian mercenaries. Recall that the UAE by that time already existed, President Sheikh Zayid resolutely condemned the coup and sent the military from Dubai to Sharjah, whom Heikh Mohammed Ibn-Rashid Al-Mackum (we wrote about it above in this article).

The forces of the army from Dubai quickly won, but the captive Sheikh Khalid was killed, and Sacre was arrested. Sultan Ibn-Mohammed turned out to be the first throne and took the throne.


Emirate of Ras Al-Heima rules Al-Qasimi family.

Sheikh Saud ibn-sacr al-Kasimi

Sheikh UAE

February 10, 1956 – now live. On the photo on the left, click to enlarge.

Emir Ras Al-Heim (Oct 27, 2010 – in now), Crown Prince Ras Al-Heima (2003-2010).

Saud became the fourth son of the famous Sheikh Sacra Ibn-Mohammed Al-Qasimi, who ruled Emirates Ras Al-Heim since 1948 to 2010. It would seem that the chances of the throne are small.

Saud received secondary education in Ras Al-Heyma, then higher education in the American University in Beirut and Michigan University (USA).

In 1979, he returned to his homeland and took the post "Head of the Sheikh yard". Position very well approached ambitious and talented saud. He oversaw dozens of projects in the field of economics, education, health care, and very successfully. In 2003, his father appointed him with his heir, leaving the older brothers is not.

October 27 Sheikh Sacre died, and Saud became Emir.

Observation readers noticed that Emirov Sharjah and Ras Al-Highma the same name – Al Qasimi. This is not an accident, they are from the same kind.

Rod Al-Qasimi leads his story from the 17th century, when they were the leaders of the pirates, held the entire Persian Bay in fear. In 1809, the British had to send a squadron to fight the Fleet al-Qasimi. Pirates fleet was destroyed, and the region fell under the full influence of the British Empire. However, the fleet was divided, but al-Qasimi themselves remained in power, and two different branches of the genus rule in Sharjah and Ras Al-Heima.


Emirate of Fujairah Rules Al-Sharkey Family.

Sheikh Hamad ibn-muhammed al-shark

May 25, 1949 – now live. On the photo on the left, click to enlarge.

Emir Fujeira (1974 – in now), a member of the Supreme Executive Board.

Sheikh Hamad was educated in England in Eastbourne school, then he studied at the Military Academy Mons. After the formation of the UAE, from 1971 to the topics in 1974 he headed the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

It is considered a great speaker in Arabic and English. Accompanied Sheikh Zaid at many international conferences. Very close to the Al-Nahayan family (Abu Dhabi rulers).

But even closer to the Al-Mactomy family (Dubai rulers). His first wife – Sheikhin Fatima Bandage Al-Mackum. They have six children – three sons and three daughters. The eldest son Mohammed finished the University of Webster in London, January 8, 2007 appointed by the Crown Prince.

Wife Mohammed (Hamad’s son and Crown Prince) Sheikhin Lafita Bint-Mohammed Al-Mackum – daughter Sheikh Mohammed Ibn-Rashid (Dubai ruler). They have five children.

A comprehensively educated person seeks to develop Emirates Fujaira in all possible areas. In the Emirate, the tourist industries, construction, agriculture, financial sphere.

Umm El Cuwain

Emirates Umm El Cuwaine Rules Al-Maulla family.

Sheikh Saud ibn-Rashid al-Malla

October 1, 1952 – now live. On the photo on the left, click to enlarge.

Emir Umm-El Kuwaine (from January 2, 2009 – in now), a member of the Supreme Executive Board.

Secondary education received in Umm-El Kuwaine, higher education in the Cairo University of Economic Specialty.

In 1973, he began working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates, from 1977 he headed the emir guard of his emirate. In 1982, he was appointed by the Crown Prince and was, in fact, the main assistant of the Father in the Emirates Management Affairs. Ascended by the throne after the death of the Father on January 2, 2009.

Married to the daughter of Sheikh Saud Ibn-sacr al-Kasimi (ruler Ras Al-Heima), he has ten sons.

Saud Ibn Rashid always supported the preservation of national traditions and cultural heritage. Loves camel races and marine fishing. Even at the board of the Father, he worked in all directions – founded several new departments in the Umm-El Kuwaine emirate, introduced new technologies to the emirate management system, developed services to the population.


Ajman’s emirate rules Al-Nuaymi’s family.

Sheikh Humaid Ibn-Rashid Al-Nuaymi

1931 – now live. On the photo on the left, click to enlarge.

Emir Ajman (6 Sep 1981 – in now), member of the Supreme Executive Board.

Became the second son (and the third child) Sheikh Rashid, who ruled the Emirate of Ajman from 1928 to 1981 (one of the world recordsman monarchs). Even at the beginning of the 20th century, the population of Ajman did not "reach" up to 1000 inhabitants.

Consistently Sheikh Rashid (Father) and Humayd (Son) made Ajman with a modern city. Humayd helped his father in the dealers of Emirate’s management since the 60s, before the formation of the UAE. He was on the throne, bypassing his brother Ali.

Sheikh Humaid studied in Dubai, then at the University of Cairo. In one of the interviews, the publication Gulfnews he said: "Education is one of the blessings of our world".

His words: "Knowledge and education are associated with ethics and morality" and "knowledge in the hands of young people must confront the negative trends of our world". He is the founder of the prestigious in the UAE of the Prize of the Day of Education and Culture and Science, is awarded for more than 30 years. University of Ajman Science and Technology – the second in the country.

Wife – Sheikhin Fatima Ibn-Zaid Al-Najian (from the Family of the rulers of Abu Dhabi). They have six children – four boys and two girls.

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We hope our story about Sheikh UAE was interesting. Successful travels, and read our articles about the Arab Emirates (Links below).

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