SHCCZAWNICA – Therapeutic and wellness and ski resort in Poland, enters Malopolskaya Voivodeship. Population 6 032 people (2008).

Schupannik, located in one of the most picturesque corners of Poland, at an altitude of 460-600 m above the UR. The sea in the valley of the River Greichak, separating small penins from the Radzeev chain on the territory of Beskid Sondetsky, is one of the largest Polish resorts of both summer and winter tourism.

The main profiles of treatment: Diseases of the respiratory system, pulmonology, allergology, laryngology.

Natural Medical Resources: Mineral waters – iodine, boric, bicarbonate-sodium-chloride sources.

Shang is famous for special microclimate and extremely large amounts of sun. The climate in small penins is not very harsh – here it is impossible to count on a large layer of snow or long ski season. Ski season at the resort lasts from mid-December to early March. On the slopes there is an artificial snow.

In Schranitsa, the most attractive slopes for skiers are located in the area of ​​Jaworka and Dubashz. In addition, on the slopes of the Palenitz mountain, bordering the shank, the cableway (length – 783 m, the height difference is 263 m, a complex track, artificial snowing) and the so-called gravitational rhina, which can be descended on special trolleys. Here are some ski slopes with lifts and artificial snowing:


– Shafranvka, plate, 390 m, height difference – 75 m, light track;
– Palenitsa, 210 m, height difference – 45 m, light track;
– Polyany, 150 m, height difference – 30 m, light trail.

At a distance of 6 km east of the sprue, the old Lemkaya Village of the Jaworka is located. The old wooden church with a baroque iconostasis and several hut remained here. There are several plate lifts in the jaws:

– Madden, 515 m, the height difference is 102 m, two tracks – light and complicated;
– Right, 250 m, height difference – 45 m, lightway;
– Dubashka, 550 m, height difference – 112 m, lightning.

Shangty is popular with snowboard lovers, the country championship is held here.


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