Shavlinskie Lakes (Shavlinskie Lakes)

If you believe Boris Delone, Shavlin lakes – «Champions of beauty». And not to believe the famous mountaineer and mathematics, the first master of sports of the USSR on the mountaineering grounds there is no reason, he saw and described the Caucasus, and Sayans, and Switzerland..

It was Delon who called one of the mountain peaks on the coast of Shavlin Lakes by Beauty. Two others later called a fairy tale and a dream – Such here are romantic feelings give rise to the Alpinists the local beauty.

Shavlin lakes — These are highland reservoirs located in the Altai (Altai Republic), at an altitude of about 2000m in the North Chui Range, in the upper reaches of the Shavly River. The number of lakes in the chain in various sources is different, it is conditionally accepted to allocate the three largest – Lower, top and middle.

Mineral suspension, bringing from the glacier, gives water in Shavlin lakes gently-turquoise color. Fish a lot, most prestigious fishing trophy – Famous Siberian Harius.

The lower lake does not use big interest among tourists, as it has been very condensed, shrub’s shrubs and difficult to access. But here fishermen are willing. Not by chance, in Altai legend, the Supreme Divine dares at the bottom of the Lake — some creature in the form of fish, named Ker-Balyk.

He is devoted to the Polyana IDOLOV not far from the lake, there are many images of various mythical beings, lake and forest, cut out of wood.

Middle Lake uses the greatest popularity of tourists. Perhaps because in it in clear weather, all three mentioned mountain peaks are reflected: Beauty, Dream and Tale. And because of the stone city located on the way to Lake – unique ethnographic facility.

The stone sculptures of various spirits are concentrated here, according to Altai beliefs, world managers, altars and even stone houses for deities.

Upper lake – In essence, a cascade of five-seven water bodies, the top of them is located at 2164 m above sea level. Next to the Upper-Shavlin lake is a glacier that feeds the water river Shavlu and the whole lake system.

Tourism on Shavlin Lakes

Shavlinskie Lakes (Shavlinskie Lakes)

The whole chain of Shavlin lakes — Pretty popular tourist object, the ultimate goal of several trekking (pedestrian) and horse robes. The average length of such routes – about 70 kilometers and duration – from 7 to 14 days, depending on the type of route.

They are organized by tourist companies «Nearby» Cities – Gorno-Altaisk, Biysk, Barnaul and others.

How to get to Shavlin lakes

Traditionally, the starting point for routes is the village of Chibit, located on the federal highway «Chuy tract», approximately 345 kilometers southeast of Gorno-Altaisk, 439 km from Biysk and 594 km from Barnaul.

From Moscow to Gorno-Altai without a transplant flying only from S7 (former Siberia), the trains do not go here. Barnaul can fly from S7, Aeroflot and Vim air, or by train. In Biysk, the airport does not work for civil liners, but here you can get here by train.

To the village Chibit from the three above-mentioned cities can only be reached by road – by bus or car.

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