Shauliy (&# 352; IAULIAI)

Shauliy (ŠIauliai) – City in North Lithuania, located 218 km north-west of Vilnius. Population – 113 100 people (2011).

The first mention of Shaulier refers to 1236. The city was repeatedly captured and destroyed by foreign troops. In the XIX century, he suffered greatly from fire. However, the historical sights that tourists will be interesting to tourists are preserved in Shaulia.

Currently, Shauliai – the fourth population in Lithuania, a large cultural and industrial center of the country.

Excursion to Shaulia is worth starting from the center of the Old Town. Here it is Pedestrian street Vilnyayus Vilniaus Gatv&# 279; s). On both sides of the boulevard are buildings made in different styles: from pre-war buildings to modern houses. Also here are the majority of museums and shops that will be interested in tourists.

Shauliai (; Iauliai)

Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul (ŠV. Petro Ir Povilo Katedra)
– Majestic Renaissance Construction, topped with 70-meter tower. Was built at the beginning of the XVII century. On the southern wall of the Cathedral are the oldest sunshine in Lithuania.

Mountain Crosses (Kry&# 382; I&# 371; kalnas)
– One of the most visited pilgrim places of Lithuania. Located 12 km north of the city. This is a saddle-shaped hill, on which the uncountable number of crosses is located – the symbol of the struggle of the Lithuanians for their freedom.

Museum of cats (Katin&# 371; Muziejus)
– A popular private museum in which there are more than ten thousand cats on postcards, stained glass, plates, postcards, in artistic works. Exhibits are collected from various countries. Also in the museum there are several living «copies».

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