Day 11 and 12: History Hong Kong and Shopping

Each time, going on a trip somewhere in Russia or abroad, we make a list of places to see. There was no exception and this trip to Hong Kong. This time we did not make a lot, because Sergei spent the bulk of the time at work, and Natasha with Maxim inspected the sights together. The list of "Must See" in Hong Kong was successfully completed in the first 10 days. The remaining days turned out somewhat relaxed, I just wanted to live in the city and enjoy them, so the following parts of the report will include in itself at once two days.

Day 11: Coast Guard Museum and Playgrounds

Despite the fact that the minimum program was successful ahead of schedule, a list of all the sights of Hong Kong, which we would like to see, almost endless. Therefore, in the morning of the next day, we thought and decided that it was not on our style at all and went to one of the most interesting, in our opinion, Hong Kong museums – in the Coast Guard Museum. We decided to get to the subway, by tradition on the subway, this time we need SHAU KEI WAN Metro Station, and it is only 8 stations from Our hotel without any transplants.

Subway Shau Kei Wan

Before that we have never been to the part of Hong Kong and were somewhat amazed that there are almost no European persons, probably because they all worked at this time in numerous financial corporations.


In general, the area is pretty cute, new modern residential complexes are adjacent to the ancient temples. One of these monuments of architecture and religion is the Temple of Tin How, built by local fishermen in 1873. Almost immediately after his construction, a powerful Typhoon hit Hong Kong, which brought great destruction.

But what is surprising, in the area, residential buildings were practically not affected, and the unique destroyed building was the temple. Fishermen began to believe that Tin Howe (Queen Heavenly) sacrificed the temple to save people. The temple was quickly restored, and the goddess of Tin Hau began to read even more.

Once the district of Shau Kei Wan was the usual fishing village, which neighboring the British Fort of Lay Yue-Moon, which was built on a high hill in 1885 to protect the entrance to Victoria Bay from the East. About the fishing past resemble numerous restaurants offering seafood and one of the largest wholesale fish markets in Hong Kong.

Wholesale market in Hong Kong

From the subway to the museum we reached 15 minutes, passing out the surroundings. The Coast Guard Museum is located in Old Fort Lei-Yue Moon, built over 100 years of the British. When you approach the former fort, there is some bewilderment, because you see a high tower in front of it, in which you cannot accommodate any huge exposure. But the first impression is deceptive – this is because a former military fort, which means its task to be inconspicuous.

Museum of Coast Guard

In this tower, which is seen from far, we bought tickets and on the elevator climbed to the main building, which is just located in the former premises of the fort. The top view of Hong Kong opens a great view. It is a pity that this part of the city we know very badly, so for us it’s just a sea and skyscrapers.

Several tens of meters and we have the entrance to the museum. About the very museum of coast guard we wrote Very detailed article, So we will not quote ourselves, but just show several photos on which exhibits are presented.

Exhibits of the Coast Guard Museum

The Coast Guard Museum consists of two parts: internal exposure and outdoor field. It is most convenient to first climb the elevator upstairs, inspect the halls of the museum, and then descend from the hill on foot, along the way, looking into caonies, batteries and other interesting places of fort.

If the internal exposition interests in the main lovers of history, then the external will also make fans of military equipment and defensive buildings.

Street exposition of the Coast Guard Museum

In addition to interesting exhibits, the hill also offers amazing views of the port and on the village of Fishermen, located on the other side of the Lay Yue-Moon Strait. The village was so impressed that now we really want to visit her to look at the life of ordinary Hong Kong fishermen.

Fishing village on the other side of the Strait

On the way back, we went for lunch to a small restaurant for the local, in which seafood and popular Sushi and Rolls are served in Hong Kong.

Restaurant in Hong Kong

We spent the second half of the day at the playground, and then went for a walk through the night Hong Kong.

Eleventh day turned out very calm and family. In this mode, you can inspect the sights at least six months in a row.

Day Twelfth: Alley Stars and Shopping in Hong Kong

SHAU KEI WAN District in Hong Kong

Twelfth Day Travel We decided to devote a shopping. Not to say that we are the fans of this process, but sometimes it is necessary: ​​in this case, we needed to buy clothes and shoes for a child for the summer.

We decided to leave for shops to leave for the evening, and during the day it was just loose and walked around the playground, entertaining Hong Kong kids with soap bubbles.

Soap bubbles

Sunset We met on the Tsim Sha Tsui embankment, thought even ride on the popular historic ferry Star Ferry, but Max categorically refused this event, I had to give way.

Hotel Peninsula Hongkong

Shopping in Hong Kong is considered one of the best in Asia – in addition to pleasant prices, many happy and the range.

We are not the fans of brands and labels, our requests are more plebeian, so bypassing numerous boutiques with kilometer queues, we go to the most common shopping center.

Gucci boutique in Hong Kong

A whole series of popular stores for shopping lovers

Our choice is the most ordinary massmarket with inexpensive clothes, prices are about the same as in Moscow, can be slightly cheaper. For example, a children’s T-shirt is about $ 6.5, jeans – $ 10.

After shopping, we went to the store, bought food for removal, and went home to dinner. Probably exactly how our most ordinary day would be going if we moved to live in Hong Kong: in the afternoon, someone works, and someone has a playground, and in the evening a quiet family walk. Ideal life in your favorite city! &# 128578;

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SHAU KEI WAN District in Hong Kong

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