Sharvar (Sárvár)

Sharvar (SáRV&# 225; R) – Resort town in the West of Hungary, 25 kilometers from Szombatheya, 205 km from Budapest and 40 km from Austria Border. Population – 15 011 people (2010).

Two sources be hit in Charwar, on the basis of which a healing bathing is working:

The first from the depth of 2000 m — Contains mineral sodium chloride water (+83 °C), which is used in the treatment of rheumatic, deformation diseases, sclerosis and female diseases. From it get salt, famous «Sharvar Crystal», used for salt baths.

The second source from a depth of 1200 m – contains alkaline-hydrocarbonate water (+43 ° C) recommended for diseases of the lungs and musculoskeletal system.

Therapeutic battle of 55,000 square meters. M has medical pools, pool "with effects", complex saunas (infrared sauna, Finnish sauna, Turkish bath), basin for babies, medical center. In the beach season there is a swimming pool with a slide, bay with a springboard, a pool with artificial waves and a children’s "adventure pool".

Sharvar (Sárvár)

In the medical center of the bathing, in addition to traditional medical services, a variety of healthy procedures are provided: aromatherapy, various massages, Cleopatra, thalassotherapy baths, cosmetic procedures, balnecultures, underwater stretching, mud applications, kinesitherapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, laser support, inhalation, halotherapy (in galcamera with Sharvar Salt).

In the city is Nadeschi Castle (NáDasdy Castle), Built in the 16th century (based on the place of a more ancient castle, the first mentions of which are upgraded by 1288), which throughout its history served as a fortress and housing for his noble owner. Today in the castle there is a museum in which the exposition is arranged, telling closely intertwining the history of the city and the fortress, and there is also a collection of works of applied art.

In the park surrounding the castle, more than 350 varieties of trees grow, the age of the oldest of which is from 300 to 400 years.

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