Sharvar is a small town in the northwestern part of Hungary. The resort is on the coasts of the slave river. The city offers tourists cultural, historical and tourist attractions. But despite this, Sharvar acquired his fame acquired at the expense of thermal sources. In a word resort – Perfect place for healthcare procedures and family holidays.

Baths are located almost in the city center, in a beautiful picturesque place. Water is saturated with chloride, iodine, bromine, fluorine and other useful elements. The pool temperature can reach up to 80 degrees. Sources beat from the depths of two thousand meters. Regular adoption of similar baths has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the person.

With children you can visit the water park located nearby. Pools, slides and other water entertainment will be remembered for a long time. Raisin of the local resort – Salt room that can help suffering abdominal pain and infertility.

Missed exactly not necessary. You can visit the fortress dating from medieval times, as well as the Ferrency Museum of Hollow with the exhibition. Palace Park offers opportunities for lovely walks, and the arboretum is ready to introduce tourists with rare plants.

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What is interesting to see Charger?

Top attractions of Sharhruha

Nadasdi castle

Basalnya Sharvar

Botanical Garden "Arboretum"

Mountain Sag

Creek Dienesh

Boat lake

Sharvar: excursions and events

Sharvar – exclusively resort town and it is not entirely intended for cognitive tourism. Therefore, Charwara’s excursion programs are not very saturated, because mostly tourists are in a hurry to go to this city only in order to purchase souvenir products, taste dishes of national Hungarian cuisine and make several photos for memory.

For particularly curious tourists with thirst for knowledge, there are still a few places that you should visit. The city has a small historical center, several modern districts and endless minority natural areas. The resort can not be called the epicenter of tourism, but still local shopping and kitchen make the town in its unique. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the medieval fortress. Tourists will be able to go inside, see the Library Hall and Museum Exposition. Hungarian history has been perfectly demonstrated here.

Favorite place for walking – The arboretum located on the territory of 15 hectares, offers a beautiful pastime among the overgrown with exotic plants. The first plants were made in the 16th century, local residents believe that such walks clean the lungs and increase the mood.

History of Sharhruha

Climate in Charwara

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On the territory of a small resort town of Sharvar Moderately continental climate. You can come here year-round, because the temperature of the water in two thermal sources allows you to swim at any time of the year.

Since the beginning of summer and before the beginning of the fall, the sun shines on these lands, the precipitation almost does not happen, and in the sky not to see neither the cloudy. Mostly air temperature on average reaches 20 -25 degrees. It is best to go to the resort in August. For this month there are peak of the tourist season. In hotels, do not find free rooms, and flower flavors fill out all the streets.

Sharvar: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Sharvar – Beautiful resort offering ample vacation opportunities.

Since the resort is located on the territory of the forest survey area, it is simply necessary to walk through the narrow streets, among the medieval trees and shrubs and threatened the freshly fresh air. It is possible to rent a bike and spend a whole day on wheels. On the territory of the thermal complex, in fact, for which tourists hurry to leave the native edges, there are two main basin. In one of them, the temperature of 40 degrees is maintained, and in the second two times higher. All conditions for the perfect holiday are observed here. Services of massages, spa services, mud baths.

In the water park it is worth going off with the whole family, for children there is not enough slides and swimming pools, for adults there will also be entertainment. Playgrounds built in the complex, training halls with modern equipment. In the city itself there are no little streets on which the main attractions of Charwara.

An individual entertainment will be a walk through local alleys that have placed not enough cozy cafes and restaurants on their territory. Cooks are always glad to new visitors who are happy to prepare national dishes.

Charman’s transport features

In Sharhvar the transport system is not developed at a sufficient level. This is due to the small number of residents and the small territory of the resort. After all, the day you can get around all the well-known streets and explore the surroundings. Besides, there are equipped footpaths for bicycles.

Locals are used to using a bus or private car. Metro and tram tracks in the city no. However, Sharvar himself leads several trails and railway tracks that connect the resort with the Hungarian capital and the cities of Lake Balaton.

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