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According to historians, oven, yeast, bread and pancakes came to us from the fertile valleys of the Nile. For some assumptions, even beer invented in ancient Egypt. And the usual onion has grown here almost five thousand years ago. True, almost nothing left of the ancient kitchen in the modern Arab country. When famous English archaeologist Howard Carter squandered the grave of Pharaoh Tutankhamon, he discovered a large number of vessels with dried wine there. As well as one of the oldest culinary recipes recorded on papyrus. According to him, one of the favorite Pharaoh dishes was done like this: several eggs should have broken and mixed with melted honey and fresh grape juice. Then in this mixture was poured by a boiled wine and whipped before the formation of foam. And at the end of the grain grain was added. A similar dish of drink, as the ancient Egyptians argued, extended the youth of Pharaoh.

From that distant time, much has changed on Earth of Ancient Egypt. Here came the conquerors of Arabs who did not use wine and pork. Arabs, however, using ancient recipes brought their local cuisine, thereby improving it. For example, now in the Arab Republic of Egypt (ARA), literally at every step, offer a young pall bean with a small-handed bow. The recipe for this simple dish, which necessarily orders, extinguishing in Egypt, CEO of the company "Migvoyuzh" Igor Melnik, came from deep antiquity.

The current residents of the country, like their distant ancestors, love to eat. They, like many other Eastern peoples, are close and understandable food as a common feast, means of communication. For the most part, foreign tourists visiting Egypt are deprived of such joys. They eat in large hotels where the kitchen is adapted under "European stomachs", not accustomed to peppers and spices. True, in most hotels on a traditional Swedish, a culinary corner is served where national cuisine has been collected. But the present view of local gastronomy is so impossible.

To sense a real Egyptian cuisine, you have to look into any typical Arabic district. Classic Egyptian Hewtar (breakfast) consists of two main dishes: fuula and pilaffic. The first is boiled beans in an acidic sauce with spices and greens, often with the addition of small vegetables. The dish is, according to the Egyptians, is very useful. Well, the pilafili is vegetarian boob cutlets. Usually, in addition to the two first kushans for breakfast, Tehin sauce (rubbed sesame, spices, nuts and olive oil), bread-eys, fresh vegetable salad and geban salad (FITA-Cheese, and vegetables). Put this abundant breakfast with cold tea carcade – from the petals of the Sudanese rose. It is often called the pharaoh tea.

On the working days of the Egyptians do not dine very tightly. The most popular dish is koshara, which is often called "Working Luda dish". Cochara is boiled beans (beans, lentils) and other cereals mixed with roasted onions. All this is flooded with an unusually sharp sauce. Egyptians eat such a dish calmly, but inexperienced Europeans eat the wips without tears can not. In Egypt, an impressive portion of the koshara costs only one local pound (approximately 30 cents).

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Dinner – Holy Case for any Egyptian. He takes the most important place in the routine of the day. For a start, you can warm up a variety of cold and hot snacks. For example, we taste gebany – something like fried dumplings with cheese. Then follow vegetable salads, basturma and stewed eggplants with garlic. And only then the Egyptian will switch to the main dishes, necessarily from meat. You can start, for example, with a roasted pigeon, stuffed porridge.

It should be noted that, unlike Russia, where pigeons are considered carriers of infection, they are specifically bred in Egypt for eating. At the same time, some Egyptians eat them together with the bones. The following hot dish – Kabeta Kabab with a cup of rice. Cafet – beef beef sausages, and kebab is the same kebab, but not pickled. In classic design, this dish is prepared on an open fire, and is served in a plate on "Pillow" from small-dryed greenery (parsley, celery and dandelion leaves). Oddly enough, but the Egyptian chefs claim that the Kabeta Kebab is useful to get soup, preferably lentil. For dessert, a variety of vacuum baking is served, a snap-and-sweet, impregnated with honey syrup and rubbed by grated nut.

Dinner In an expensive restaurant, you can diversify the reskube – Lobster. After dinner, to finish the meal at all Egyptian, it is advisable to move to some coffee shop – the benefit of them is a lot in Cairo, and on the marine resorts of the country. In the assortment of almost any coffee shop at least 30 drinks. Some very exotic. For example, sweetened rice swelling or boiling water seeds of a coniferous plant. Necessarily offered at least 5-6 varieties of coffee. Lack of alcohol with more than reimbursed with a large variety of non-alcoholic beverages. And only after that the Egyptian goes home with a feeling, as they say, easy hunger.

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