Sharmanka trash theater in Glasgow

I want to tell you about the most distinctive and unusual museum in Glasgow. If you ever go to Scotland, and you laugh a little behind the house, then visit the very unusual Sharmanka Kinetic Theater.

Since the British is difficult to understand what such a simple and wonderful word is like "Sharmanka", they call this museum TRONGATE, 103 – at.

The first question: why in the distant and foggy British kingdom in the title of the theater are used our words?

Everything is simple: because its founders – immigrants from St. Petersburg.

I can not say for sure, whether their project was not accepted in my homeland and they moved abroad, or these people first emigrated to Scotland, and then in memory of the Motherland, the kinematic theater was founded? In principle, this is not essential.

But I know for sure that all the details for unusual installations were found …on St. Petersburg garbage dumps. Like that.

"Sharmanca" – a visual example, as from an unnecessary thrown rhuchadi, you can make a successful and prosperous business – after all, money for entry from visitors takes. Some more difficulty and talent to realize their ideas.

Although not, talent is actually needed to create these cunning structures, these unprecedented little men, these conceptual scenes.

It is very difficult to convey words, what the "Shamery" exhibition foundation looks like, it is necessary to see.

Sharmanka trash theater in Glasgow

Everything is still moving around, and with the help of special lighting a game of shadows on the walls is created. In general, very interesting.

By the way, the interior of the museum wins on the contrast of the exterior.

You walk along Trongate Street, 103 – ordinary buildings around, the simplest unremarkable facade, even describe nothing.

But you go inside … And as if you get into a fairy tale, another world, only in miniature, and admire them.

Therefore, when you see a person on the street, which is shuster near the garbage tanks or on a landfill, do not rush to regret it. What if this creates a new creative project?

Sharmanka trash theater in Glasgow

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