Sharm El Sheikh (Sharm El Sheikh)

Sharm El Sheikh (Sharm El Sheikh), also Charm or Sharm-Ash Sheikh – Resort area on the Red Sea coast in Egypt, located on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, 585 km from Cairo and 100 km from Dahab. Population – 35,000 people (2008).

Sharm el-Sheikh – European level resort. On the coast of 35 km long, there are more than 200 hotels of different class and price category. Construction of new hotels, residential complexes, entertainment centers continues throughout the coast of the resort area.

The life of the resort zone is built around the tourism industry. Most local residents employed in the turbines will be able to support the conversation on major European languages. Many of them speak English. In English tells the vast majority of hotel staff, shops and other institutions, including taxi drivers.

Nightlife Sharm El Sheikha famous for its discos, nightclubs, casino and show-ideas. The favorite place is «Promenade» in Naama Bay. Shopping centers and numerous street cafes and restaurants are working here.

The attitude of the local population towards tourists is friendly. Locals will value the opportunity to work in Sharm el-Sheikh, where the standard of living is higher compared to other cities of the country.

The Charm El Sheikh resort area is two water park – Aqua Park City and Cleo Park:

AQUA PARK CITY WATER PARK – Located on site Aqua Blu Sharm 4 *, Hadab district, 6 kilometers from the Old Town and 15 kilometers from Naama Bay. This can be reached here on a taxi or buy a tour of the tour operator (the prices are the same).

Perhaps on the standards of many resorts, this water park is not so big, but in Sharm el-Sheikh, it is considered the biggest and at the same time the best. The water park covers an area of ​​133,905 m², here you can ride on 20 different slides (including quite extreme, for which not everyone will declare), as well as a pool with artificial waves and the traditional "lazy" river, the artificial flow of which and the case wears travelers on inflatable mattresses and circles.

It should be noted and excellent decoration of the water park – all the slides are made very elegantly and beautifully and at the same time qualitatively. As for safety, it is necessary for her continuously, but at the same time, about the elementary rules of behavior in the water park should not forget to avoid possible injuries.

From the power of visitors, the traditional set of "fast food" food is waiting, that is, pizza, various sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs and t. NS.

Entrance to the water park paid. Ticket price for adult 30 USD, for child 20 USD.

Water Park Cleo Park (Cleo Park) – The second most important water park Sharm el Sheikh, located in the Central District of Naama Bay near the hotel Hilton Sharm Dreams.

Cleo Park is made in style by imitating ancient Egypt, so it’s very beautiful here. It is believed that this water park is best suited to children, as they mainly dominate fairly simple and harmless slides, but at the same time for adults there is a number of slides, from which it can easily capture the spirit, for example, slides passing right through the local " Pyramid ". Total in the water park 6 different slides, lazy river and a pool with artificial waves. Card Hills You can see here – Map Scheme of Attractions

Cleo Park pools are well warmed up, so you can ride even when the principal season ended. The staff closely monitors the vacationers and helps it.

After riding or in breaks, you can sit well in local cafes and bars, where you serve delicious and fresh food and soft drinks.

Entrance to the water park paid. Ticket price for adult 35 USD, for child 20 USD. Children up to 4 years – admission is free.

Ras Muhammad (Ras Muhammad) – The first National Park of Egypt, which was opened in 1989. Located in the south of the Sinai Peninsula, 25 km south-west of Sharm El Sheikh (along the coast), and is considered one of the most picturesque places on the whole Red Sea, and its most southern part is among the top ten in the world of beaches for Scuba diving.

There are also available for visitor to inspection by visitors. Various types of geological breeds. There are more than a thousand different types of fish in the reserve, and about 150 types of corals are growing.

In addition, Ras-Mohammed is rich in representatives of the land fauna: foxes, gazelles, reptiles, flight birds (white storks). Mangrove trees provide birds a valuable opportunity to surfaches chicks.
On the territory of the reserve can be seen in natural conditions the coral reefs raised above the sea level, which occupies up to 2 billion. years.

Special attention deserves another miracle Ras Mohammed – Magic Bay. Water in it is twice the salty marine due to unique saline sources. The water of the bay is similar in composition with the water of the Dead Sea (Israel), and has a beneficial effect on the human body.

Sharm el-Sheikh – One of the best places in the world for scuba diving lovers. Clean water, rich underwater world and a large number of coral reefs create good conditions for diving and snorkeling both in the winter and summer.

For tourists – numerous diving clubs, scuba diving schools, yachts, instructors.

For connoisseurs of the beauty of the underwater world, excursions are organized to the Ras Mohammed National Park, which is distinguished by a large variety of corals, as well as other forms of marine flora and fauna. Water here is clean and transparent, and not far from the shore begins a breaking down in a depth of 30-50 m, where the coral reef is.

Ras Nasrani International Airport – the largest international airport in the Sinai Peninsula. There are air traffic with the Charm El Sheikh, and the remaining resorts of the peninsula – Dahab, Taba, N.

The overwhelming majority of tourists and guests arrive on the peninsula and returns from him to the air.

Charters from all over Russia fly to the Sharm El Sheikh International Airport, the duration of the flight from Moscow – about 4 hours 30 minutes.

Regular flights from Moscow performs Aeroflot (not all year round).

From Sharm el-Sheikh (from the bus station), buses to Cairo regularly leave (on the way about 7 hours), to the CV Monastery. Catherine (one morning flight, on the way 3 hours), as well as in Dahab, taboo and noveuba.

Between Charm and Hurghada, a ferry message (time on a 2-3 hours, depending on the weather). Ferry leaves from the port at 18:00 (Mon, Tue, Wed, Sat). Back from Hurghada departs at 5:00 on Mondays and at 9:00 on the rest of the day. The fare of 45 USD is one end and 85 USD there, back; Children under 12 – 30/50 USD, respectively.

Urban transport in Sharm el-Sheikh is represented mainly by route taxis, which move around the city without a schedule (however, due to their large number of them, waiting does not exceed, as a rule, 1-2 minutes). The fare is 1-1.5 LE, but it is better to agree on paying to landing.

Some hotels on schedule walk buses, the fare which costs 5-10 LE.

In addition, you can ask for a reception to book a taxi. The fare is 10-30 LE depending on the distance.

Almost all the beaches of Sharm el-Sheikh corals begin almost from the very edge of the water and stretch 15-30 meters. It is uncomfortable for swimming children, but pleased with the lovers of underwater flora and fauna, observing coral fish and other livestock of the Red Sea right in their feet.

The only natural sandy beach in the Charm El Sheikh resort area – Sharm El Maya Bay (Iberotel Palace and Seti Sharm hotels), Only there can be bosomed without fears.

In order to take a chaise lounge closer to water, it is recommended to get up early.

Residing in hotels in distance from the beach It is recommended to come to the sea in the morning early, and it’s not to leave on the last bus so as not to be in the crowded salon (maybe just not enough places).

Sharm el-Sheikh consists of several districts built along the coast, around the main bays.

Naama Bay (Naama Bay) – The oldest, partner, noisy and comfortable part of the resort area, located in the eponymous bay and is a solid worn of hotels in two or three lines. Along the entire beach of the Bay stretches a promenade with restaurants and cafes. Promenade Passing between the beach and the territory of hotels.

Beaches in Naama Bay sandy, but you can not swim without special shoes, but only on specially cleaned areas (usually they are fenced with bugs).

Sharm El Sheikh (Sharm El Sheikh)

Sharm El Maya – is located in the south-west of the resort area, on the shore of the bay of the same name, from all sides of the wind protected from the wind.

Here is the only natural sandy beach of Sharm el-Sheikh, «Old city» With a lot of shops and cafes, and the same harbor, from where the yachts with tourists start on the sea walks and the Ras-Mohammed Reserve.

Sharks Bay – Located 5 km from the airport, famous for the luxurious coral reef and upscale hotels. Corals begin with the shore itself and go pretty far away into the sea. Therefore, most of the bay beaches have pontoons, setting abroad reefs.

The entire coast of the bay is divided into the hotel sectors, followed by the attendant hotel attendant. Many of them are on the hills and beaches they are organized by terraces.

Nabq Bay – This area is located a few kilometers to the northeast of Naama Bay, towards the National National Reserve, opposite the island of Tirans. This is one of the fastest growing areas of the resort area, more and more hotels are built here.

Nabe Bay beaches stretch along the whole coast, then a narrow strip. Someone goes down to the sea terraces, and sectors at sea level in some hotels are small and additionally occupied by stones. Nevertheless, all of them are equipped with umbrellas and canopies that protect from the sun, sun loungers and sun beds.

The entrance to the sea is mostly very flat. In some hotels in order to find out at a depth, where you can swim, you need to go in shallow water for quite a long time. At the same time, coral engines are occasionally occasionally in water;. Special "coral" Slippers are recommended. Literally, at each hotel, pontoons are built.

The main disadvantages of the beaches of Nabe Bay are brightly pronounced tides and flow. In this case, the pontoons are also charged, for which you can "catch up" the departed water.

Hadaba (Hadaba) – located on the small peninsula between Sharm El Maya and Naama Bay Bay, near the Cove of Ras Umm-LED. This is a residential area of ​​Sharm el-Sheikh with a valid mosque located on an elevation, slightly higher than the old city. In Hadaba is the largest in Sharm el-Sheikh water park.

Hadab is actively built up deep into the peninsula, expands and gradually turns into a tourist area with shops, restaurants, entertainment facilities, banks, hotels 3 * and 4 * for economical holidays on the second line from the sea.

Each hotel is enshrined the territory of the beach, the entrance to which is free to its guests. Often to water from many hotels have to go down the long stairs. If for some reason you do not like your beach, you can always walk to swim on urban or neighboring, but already for a certain fee, about $ 5.

Beaches here are predominantly coral, with a high ripplent shore, steep entrance to the sea and large depths. Extremely interesting for divers due to the beauty of the underwater world and a large number of marine inhabitants. For greater convenience, some beaches have pontoons, from which to go to the sea comfortably at any water level over the reefs. In some way such dresses are the only chance to enter the water normally, since there is simply a sandy entrance.

Ras Umm Sid Bay (RAS UMM SID) – is located between Nama Bay Bay and Sharm El Maya and famous for coral gardens full of marine. Here are some of the most fashionable hotels on the coast, including Ritz Carlton 5 *.

The shores of the bay are divided into the beaches, each of which is managed by a specific hotel. In some of them, the beaches are pretty narrow, multi-level and in order to plunge into the sea, it is necessary to overcome the stairs. Most beaches are equipped with pontoons to easily get to coral gardens.

Beaches here are predominantly coral, with a high climbing shore, steep entrance to the sea.

Sharm el-Sheikh has a tropical desert climate with a very small annual precipitation.

In January-February, night temperatures are lowered to +15 °C (less often up +10 ° C), and sometimes there is a pretty cool wind, but the day shines the bright sun and hot.

In the summer (June-August), the thermometer column reaches +40 ° C, however, low air humidity (about 4%) somewhat softens the heat for comfort.

The water temperature in the sea is not lowered below +20 ° C, even in winter (in summer rises to the level of +28 ° C).

Rain in Sharm-El-Sheika is extremely rare, the air is dry and warm at any time of the year.

Sharm El Sheikh (Sharm El Sheikh)

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