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Do not talk about your plans to anyone, and if something suddenly comes up – just unwind the globe and "diving" there to be stopped. This is how it happened to me this time. And here I am unexpected for myself instead of Las Vegas found myself in Egypt.

I will not describe the charms and anti-charms Sharm el-Sheikh, it’s better to go right away to the excursion to Cairo. So, first of all, the idea of ​​going there was visited there because in Sharma I was already on the second day of stay began to gain vegetable forms. Therefore – I sit on a bus at 1:45 and – Long night ahead. And in the morning you open your eyes and see the desert. You can not imagine yourself in the desert, namely you are in it. And it is this spectacle that zombie and simultaneously soothing, accompanies you over the hours of Edak 6-7. With periodic stops for police checks.

And then the picture changes dramatically. Change forms, outlines, but not colors. Color remains one – scaled color of hot sand.

The guide enthusiasbly talks about what is a big and lively city, and you look at the houses unfinished everywhere passing by the Arabs passing by the body with ducks and rams, and you are not in itself. Because it is a completely different world. Personally, I preferred to contemplate the city from the window of the bus, having committed, however, the college to the National Egyptian Museum (Tutankhamon Mask, Mummy, Huge Halls, Flooring Akin to our Pushkin Museum in Moscow). It’s great that despite the overall external wildness and the primitiveness of the surrounding, the excursions are held at the present level – you are given wireless headphones, so there is no need, obeying the rapid instinct, break for the guide.

Then, according to the program, the tour was provided for lunch in the restaurant on the Nile. Yes, the water Nile Muddy, I was convinced of this. And they feed everywhere approximately the same: vegetables – generously, paste – tasty and almost in Italian, and you can just forget about beerwater. Especially for nostalgic on Soviet childcare – soluble juices of the JUPPI and the Tuko in horsepower doses.

After that, one more surprise, namely, visiting the perfumery factory. Of course, advertising, in order to acquire, but to be in a stylized eastern bench, drink a real (and not made of dust from the bags) of the carcade and taste oils funny.

Sharm, Cairo Red and Eternal Giza - Kairshharm El Sheikh, Egypt Blogs and travel notes of tourists

Culmination of the show and reward for tormenting in "Boltan" In Cairo – the famous pyramids of Giza, and they are attached by Bedouins, camels, flies, ant giants and heat for 40. But it still cost!

Here you have every chance of forever hastily papyrus and wooden cats, which in inhuman quantity you are not demanded right under the nose. The best way is to not pay attention. Enjoy, in this place alive history!

Well, and at the end of everything – the museum of papyrus and a visual demonstration of the manufacturing process of this product. Of course, in this intelligent place you will also be convinced that only here you can buy a genuine product. Maybe, however, we did not notice any difference and bought pictures in the usual supermarket)))

Well, and then – doooo-joy the way home, with a scarlet desert sunset and instantly infant darkness of the Egyptian. And anyway: you close your eyes – and you see the sun. And it will still dream for a long time..

Sharm, Cairo Red and Eternal Giza - Kairshharm El Sheikh, Egypt Blogs and travel notes of tourists

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