Sharks in the Maldives – how real danger?

Maldives are a chain of 1200 islands formed on coral remains, such islands are also called coral reefs. Usually, the reefs are thickly populated with various water fauna, so the sharks in the Maldives, as everywhere in the ocean near the reefs, are quite common.

Specialists are in the area of ​​the Maldives 26 species of sharks, among them and famous bloody «Natalog» In other parts of the World Ocean, a tiger shark, a long-term shark Langimanus, a hammer-head shark. But in general, sharks in the Maldives, according to the general opinion of specialists, are not aggressive and not dangerous.

Over the existence of a resort on the islands, not a single injury received by a person as a result of shark attack. The only such incident occurred many years ago, in «Duturistic» times – a small shark bitten by a local resident, without severe consequences. So in terms of the danger of sharks here, as they say, out of suspicion.

Sharks in the Maldives - how real danger

Moreover, sharks in the Maldives – One of the attractions of coastal waters. They are sometimes to satisfy the curiosity of tourists, the locals specially attract closer to the shore, throwing the bait in the sea. And organizes excursions to boats with a transparent bottom.

But we should not conclude that natural dangers in the Maldives do not exist at all. Serious injuries can be obtained, coming in the water on the sea hedgehog or touching the poisonous jellyfish. And even coconut palms, peculiar «business card» Maldives may be dangerous to humans. Falling with a big height, huge coconuts can seriously injure.

Sharks in the Maldives - how real danger

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