Schmarjeske Toplice (Smarjeske Toplice)

Schmarjeske Toplice (Smarjeske Toplice) — A small resort village among green hills at an altitude of 169 m above sea level and at a distance of 80 km from Ljubljana.

His privacy has its advantages: It is clean air, ionized because of a large amount of water bodies surrounding this place, soft «pre-found» Climate, source with mineral water (+32°C).

Therapeutic properties of water were confirmed by special medical institutions, and the resort received the status of the Sanatorium Center.

The main profile of the resort is cardiovascular diseases (as well as degenerative rheumatism, post-traumatic and polyvision rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system, states after stroke, neuralgia, neuropathy, atherosclerosis of brain vessels, neurosis, stress, migraine, insomnia).

For treatment, water mineral sources containing carbon dioxide, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, manganese, anions and weak electrolytes are used.
All therapeutic programs are compiled based on functional diagnostics at which the degree of safe physical exertion is determined. The execution of the program is accompanied by a mandatory current and final verification of the doctor.

Safety provides special equipment controlling the work of the heart and the permanent duty officer of doctors.

Special programs have also been developed at the resort: "Antistress", fitness, geriatric prevention (protection against diseases in old age), programs of weight loss and cosmetology, oxygenation training.

Medicinal procedures: balneotherapy, oxygen therapy, mudheatherapy, thermotherapy, electrotherapy, kinesiotherapy, mechanotherapy (brush massage, handmade and underwater massages), dietary food.

Schmarjeske Toplice (Smarjeske Toplice)

There is no our-speaking staff and doctors in the resort, so consultations are held with the participation of a guide translator.

From attractions worth viewing on Medieval monasteries, City Novo Place, Famous brewery.
5 km from the resort on the banks of the Krka River is an old Castle Otchoota With comfortable hotel.

Entertainment – Four tennis courts, mini-golf courses, football, basketball, treadmill, sports swimming pool, two indoor thermal pools, ten massage rooms, mountain bike rental.

Diseases cured in the resort:
cardiovascular diseases (ischemia, heart rate disorders, impaired peripheral arterial, venous and lymphatic circulation, state after vessel surgery, increased blood pressure);
degenerative rheumatism;
post-traumatic and postoperative rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system (prevention of aging peripheral joints, spinal joints);
arthrosis, spondylose;
status after stroke;
neuralgia, neuropathy;
atherosclerosis of brain vessels;
neurosis, stress, migraine, insomnia.

Contraindications: Oncological diseases, diseases in the stage of "acute" inflammatory process, pregnancy, passing with complications, inflammatory noncompensated states of internal organs.

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