Schigualasto – a place where the moon rests … and dinosaurs lived

Do you know that in order to walk through the lunar landscape, it is not at all necessary to become a space tourist? It is enough to fly to Argentina, where Ischigualaasto National Park is located – a place where the moon rests ..

The second name of this place is "Valle De La Luna", that is, "Moon Valley". The fact is that the landscape of this area exactly imites the landscape of the moon. That is why this park often come to full oil: when the moon, the moon is especially beautiful here. Apparently, the truth at night the moon comes here to relax.

Scientists have not yet figured out how balls appear on the surface of the earth. There is a version that the principle of their formation is similar to the occurrence of the pearl. In composition they do not differ from the soil.

It is noteworthy that such balls appear only in one place of the park, although its area exceeds 600 kV.KM.

It is difficult to believe, but the geology of the park was formed 230 million. years ago! Starting from 1959, Dinosaur skeletons are found here from time to time. By the way, the figures and sculptures of dinosaurs are found quite often. The organizers actively use them to attract tourists.

It was here about 30 years ago, we found one of the largest geroers of the Triassic Period. The length of his body was 4.5 meters!

The lunar landscape is perfectly combined with bizarre rocks. As a rule, tourists provide complete freedom.

However, some areas are closed, because from time to time the park landscape is changing. Something collapsed, something crumbles … As if the moon decides to change the situation in his rest room.

Schigualasto - a place where the moon rests ... and dinosaurs lived

On some rocks, traces of ancient plants and animals are visible, which guides are glad to show tourists. It should be that it gives rise to a strange feeling – awareness of the fact that right here was once there was a counseling of dinosaurs and other ancient inhabitants.

Once in antiquity in this place was a big lake. It is believed that the bizarre outlines pretext presented the water.
In general, it is an extremely beautiful place. Probably even the moon itself, in comparison with him, resting. It is not surprising that this object is protected by UNESCO.

Research and geological excavations are still underway here. Here, truly, the library of the history of our planet! There are still many non-tried pages here.

Unfortunately, all photos show failed. The park is very huge. Want to see more? Argentina is waiting for you =)

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