Schengen visa: what else to do, except the Finnish

For those who slept or was away, Remind: From September 1, 2019 Finnish Schengen visa not issued under the simplified system as before, but with a full package of documents:

– A copy of your passport

– Receipt of payment collection

– Consent to the processing of personal data

– Tickets or written description of the route

– Hotel Reservation

– Extract from the bank in the previous three months / certificate of ownership of real estate in Russia / certificate with information about wages

Because of this, the flow in the Finnish Schengen requests decreased significantly. It is understandable. Now, once all the rules are the same, the travelers turned their gaze to other countries. And then the question comes: a visa which country do now, that the conditions were no worse? We try to give as much information to make it easier with the choice.

where is denied

Association of Tour Operators of Russia has made to-date list of countries that most refuse to issue Schengen visas, what will it.

Statistics relevant to Moscow. Top 5:

  1. Norway
  2. Belgium
  3. Germany
  4. Netherlands
  5. Poland

This applies to short-stay visas – visas for your travel dates. There are also five countries that are less commonly issued multisas, that is, multiple. There is another situation:

  1. Netherlands
  2. Malta
  3. Schengen visa what else to do, except the Finnish
  4. Czech
  5. Denmark
  6. Hungary

Here for the Czech Republic is especially offensive, because the ours fly there quite often! The result is: If you are planning to go to any country one-time, it is easier to make a visa to the dates of the trip than to ask Multivagu. Especially if this country is one of those who often refuse. Otherwise you will spend money in case of refusal.

Where approve

And last year in Moscow more than all visas issued a consulate Spain, and 90% of them – multiple. In second place Italy, Almost all visas issued – Multivis. On the third place – France. Her consulate issued half a multiple visa from the total number of applications. Followed by Greece and Czech Republic.

It turns out that getting a short-term visa in Czechs is simple, but the long-term is already harder – here literally 50 to 50.

To find out for sure about receiving Czech multichengen is difficult, it commended this in the consulate: "If the past Schengen visas have been used for their intended purpose, then there should be no problems." However, no one speaks more specific information, each case is considered by the consul separately.

But in St. Petersburg other data. The leader in the number of issued visas is still Finland. In second place Estonia, on the third – Italy, then Greece and Spain.

It should be understood that getting a visa is always a lottery. But you can always affect to get a multivitization: Properly provide all the documents, indicate that you want a multiple visa, and if you plan a few trips to the country, tell us about them (cool, if you immediately work and attach tickets). This is at a minimum. But everything always remains at the discretion of the consul.

So what to do??77

And here to choose you. If you are planning to visit Italy in the near future – make Italian Schengen. To Spain? Then Spanish. Do not mind to drive to Greece? The choice is obvious. The ideal option: make a multi-entry visa to the country where you are going in the next trip, because that’s what this trip you will discover it and (provided that it is one of the countries that are willing to give multivisa). And when in doubt, call the consulate and try to clarify as much as possible about your case. If you are going to Eurotrip, it is better to apply for a visa to the country that will be the first in your itinerary.

Documents for Italian Schengen

In the Schengen visa, there are two types: C and D. C – Schengen tourist, issued more often, suitable for tourist trips. D – national visa in his pocket with which to study, work and live a long time in the country.

  • the applicant’s profile ( sample )
  • Consent to the processing of personal data
  • Photo (standard pattern) – 1 pc.
  • A copy of the passport page with personal data and a photo of the applicant
  • Help from work
  • The original statement on the status of the applicant’s account, stamped by the bank and the signature of the person, to issue the document / Original and photocopy of the passbook / photocopy of the front of the card / bank guarantee by the inviting party
  • Hotel Reservation / invitation from a citizen of Italy
  • Ticket or booking a return ticket
  • Medical insurance for the Schengen States
  • international passport
  • Receipt of payment of the visa fee (35 euros)
  • our passport (original + copy of the first page and page with registration) or any other State.

Documents for Spanish Schengen

There is also need a visa category C – tourist Schengen visa.

  • the applicant’s profile
  • Passport with validity of three months from the date of the trip
  • Photocopies of all pages of passport
  • Consular fee
  • Medical insurance for the Schengen countries
  • our passport (original + copy of the first page and page with registration) or any other State.
  • Description of the route
  • Hotel reservations or an invitation from a citizen of Spain
  • Help from work
  • The original statement of the applicant’s account status, stamped by the bank and signed by the person who drew up the document

If you have a special case or the purpose of the visit, check the list of documents on the website of the consulate >>>

Documents for Greek Schengen

  • Applicant formation ( sample )
  • International passport
  • The photo, Made according to standards
  • Paid visa collection
  • Fingerprints (if more than 59 months have passed from the last registration)
  • Passport of a citizen of the our Federation (original + copy of the first page and register register) or any other state.
  • Medical insurance for Schengen countries
  • Description of the route
  • Reservation of your hotel or invitation from a citizen of Spain
  • Help from work
  • The original statement of the state of the applicant’s account, certified by the Bank’s seal and the signature of the person who has arisen

For other cases, see the list of documents on the website of the consulate>>>

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Schengen visa what else to do, except the Finnish

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