Schengen visa myths

For example, following this incorrect logic, it turns out that if I am flying to Spain through Prague Czech Airlines, I have to do a Czech visa, because I have the first entry of Prague, the stamps will be relevant. Another example when I am going on the car through Poland, Germany and Austria to Italy, then I will have to make a visa of Poland, because the first entrance is Poland. Someone manages to try to file documents for a visa for such a principle, and are very surprised when their documents do not take in visa centers.

No! This is not true, The visa is made by the country in which you spend more nights. If you prove the Pole that we are going through a Polish visa to Germany, as you fly through Warsaw, then in the entrance can refuse.

Example Route Travel: Latvia (3 Nights) – Italy (3 nights) – Spain (6 nights) – Germany (1 night). Visa in this case is done Spanish.

Another example: Latvia (3 night) – Italy (3 nights) – Spain (3 nights) – Germany (1 night). The visa in this case is made by Latvian, if the number of days is equally in countries, then it is necessary to make a visa of the country of the first entrance (of course, if there is no less than subsequent).

Cannot be traveled to other countries

Having a Schengen visa, you can visit almost all countries in Europe. What is Schengen? Schengen is a castle-village in Luxembourg, where it was signed "The Schengen Agreement" between 5 countries on the abolition of passport and customs control between Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg. And in our time – almost all of Europe enters Schengen.

You can visit absolutely all countries, moreover – no boundaries between the countries! At airports on intra-terrain flights – no control.

On the map blue Color indicated which countries included in the Schengen Agreement.

Green Color marked Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania, these countries in the future may also be included in the Schengen zone, but at the moment they are not allowed into a single visa-free space. But the owners of multi (multiple) visas can also visit these countries. Moreover, no more than a day can be visited. United Kingdom! Transit also gives countries such as Romania or Kosovo, and Croatia and Bulgaria permits the entry to the owners of the Schengen Multivis.

If we consider that the rest of Europe are visa-free for us (Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey), you can make a simple conclusion: possessing a multiple visa, you can travel around Europe from Greece to Iceland, and from Latvia to Portugal.

A visa is difficult to get, especially if there were no visas, and even more difficult when traveling unmarried girl

The myth that unmarried visa is delivered reluctantly comes from travel agencies who need to invent reasons in the theoretical uncommitable visas. In fact, most consulates do not even request a copy of a marriage certificate or a copy of the our passport page with a marital status mark. This is a simple formality that directly does not affect the result of obtaining a visa, because in the questionnaire you can specify in this case, anything.

Schengen visa myths

If all documents are in order, there will never be problems with visas. Yes, there are more complex visas in obtaining. The most complex visas for obtaining are considered visas of countries such as Germany, Austria, Denmark, Luxembourg, Belgium. For example, the Germans willingly take such documents as a copy of the birth certificate on an adult and a copy of the certificates of ownership, but statistics in any case suggests that there is no repairs from the number of failures required by the consulate of documents. Refuse can both Finns and Germans. For example, despite the loyalty of the Spanish consulate, which in most cases it gives immediately semi-annual visas, the highest percentage of refusals according to statistics from the Spaniards.

Recently, during the tourist season complicate the process of obtaining a visa – French, Portuguese, Slovaks, Swiss. And, on the contrary, the Italians and the same Spaniards made the same Spaniards, issuing multisas for two years. The most facilitated to obtain visas of such countries as Finland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia, Spain, Italy, and PR.

With a small official salary Schengen visa not get

I did not have any visas, so I will be very difficult to make it

Everyone had once the first visa, the lack of visas does not affect the consulate decision. Of course, if you had a lot of visas, some consulates put long visas for a year or two, for example, Dutch, French and Italians (up to 2 years old with two or more Schengen visas).

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