Schengen visa: destroy the myth about the rules of the first entrance

Evgeny Soskov, Visa Specially Mishka.Travel, happily answers your questions in the section "Discussions" In our group in VKontakte. You can always ask him a question, even if you live in Perm.

And today we publish the note by Eugene about what a fabulous myths are hidden around Schengen visas.

"Visa issues for most – very complex questions, around them a lot of secrets, myths, rumors, speculations, incorrect interpretations.

Accidentally stumbled upon an interview with an employee of the visa center, and I shocked me that even he, many things understand it’s wrong, what to say about the rest. I decided that it was obliged to destroy at least one myth, at least for those few people who would read it.

Upon receipt of a Schengen visa for many, it is quite the right question – in the consulate of which country it is better to apply? And someone says the future tourist, or he reads on the Internet: "Need to make a visa of the country where you enter". And for some reason he immediately believes.

I will tell you about the so-called "The rule of the first entrance" upon receipt of Schengen visas.

Want to spoil the mood for the whole day – come to me and tell me: "But as the rule of the first entrance? It is impossible to break it". This is convinced by many majority staff (!) travel agencies and even many experienced travelers. Amazes how much it can be rooted in public consciousness erroneous information. I am an irreconcilable fighter with this myth – perhaps this post will help me in my struggle.

Schengen visa destroy the myth about the rules of the first entrance

So here, "The rule of the first entrance" no rule, but an exception to the rules.

"The rule of the first entrance" It is applied only if the country is not determined by the main stay. (For example, during the trip, it is planned to carry out an absolutely identical number of days in each of the countries on your route). Then and only then applied "The rule of the first entrance". In all other cases, there is a rule, according to which it is necessary to make a visa country, a visit to which is the main purpose of the trip. (For example, in this country you will spend more time).

A logical question – and how the services of the states entering the Schengen Union will determine where the tourist really was longer, because inside Shengen, no border control, no boundaries at all? I will not determine, do not worry about it, I ask you. Very often, tourists put a mark on the intersection of the border of the Schengen zone at the airports of third countries in which only a transplantation occurs, and in which countries they were in the end – the more incomprehensible. This is even more complicating the task of tracking your movement and completely destroys the theory of "Rule of the first entrance".

The country of the first entrance must be taken into account, but no more. Personally, I am a supporter to contact the consulate, which is most convenient to contact this situation, but this is the topic for a separate conversation".

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