Schengen visa: decoding and meaning

We have a thousand times looked at our Schengen visas, but I didn’t really think that they mean certain fields. In this article we will analyze all its components.

This is how the usual Schengen visa looks like, in this case – issued by Sweden. We numbered the fields to make it easier to explain.

1. Valid for: Shengenstater (written in the country language, in this case in Swedish). Means that on this visa you can visit all countries of the Schengen zone.

2. Code of the country , which issued a visa. SWE – Sweden.

Designations of other European countries: A (Austria), B (Belgium), CH (Switzerland), Cze (Czech Republic), D (Germany), DK (Denmark), E (Spain), EST (Estonia), F (France), FIN (Finland), GR (Greece), H (Hungary), I (Italy), IS (Iceland), L (Luxembourg), LT (Lithuania), LVA (Latvia), M (Malta), N (Norway), NL (Netherlands), P (Portugal), PL (Poland), S (Sweden), SK (Slovakia), SVN (Slovenia).

3. From . The date of commencement of the visa is the day when you can enter the Schengen territory.

4. Until. Visa Execution Date. You need to have time to go from Schengen to 23 hours 59 minutes of the specified day.

5. Type of Visa. Visa type is indicated by the letter. There are four options:

  • A (transit visa for the airport);
  • B (transit: with the right to enter the city for changing the airport, for example);
  • C (guest visa / tourist);
  • D (long: training / worker / for permanent residence).

Most often, tourists get visas like C, it can be used to make usual tourist trips, but it does not give the right to work or learn.

6. Number of Entries. The number of allowed entries on a visa. In this case, a single entry is possible for four days. There are other options:

MULT – multi-power (multiple entry);

01 – one-time entry;

Schengen visa decoding and meaning

02 – twofold entrance.

7. Duration of Stay. Number of days that can be located on the territory of Schengen within the validity period of the visa. The number always consists of two digits, and if there are less than 10 days, then it is 0 (03, 09 and t.D.). But remember that every time you re-enter the Schengen’s territory (if you have a double entrance or multiple), then the days are summed up, and if you exceed the specified number, let’s say, 90 days a year, then you may not be allowed.

eight. Issued In. The city in which you received a visa.

nine. ON. Date of issuing a passport with a visa. This is not the same as the beginning of the valuation of the visa. Date in the field may differ from the date of commencement.

ten. Number of Passport. Passport ID

eleven. Surname, Name. Surname, name.

12. Remarks. Here they write the goal of your trip, it is usually tourism.

13. Encoding . On it, border guards see all the necessary information on your visa through a special apparatus. Many myths walk on the latest digits. For example, that this is the percentage of people like you. But this is a nonsense of clean water. This information is in the encoding:

  • The first letter V – means a visa;
  • The second letter A, B, C, D is a visa type;
  • Then follows the designation of the country that issued a visa – Hun, Pol, D, ESP, and so on;
  • Then follows the surname and name;
  • The numbers in the second line are the visa sticker number;
  • Further the citizenship of the applicant;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Control digit;
  • Floor;
  • The number of entry;
  • Date of starting action.

fourteen. Visa number

What to check when receiving a visa

Once you have received a visa, be sure to note:

  • Visa’s validity period – he must coincide with the dates of your planned trip (especially if you made a visa under the trip)
  • Number of stay days (again, if you made a visa for a specific trip)
  • Writing name and surname
  • Visa type (if it is fundamentally and you are fed to type other than C)

Check it all "without departing from the cash register", so to speak. If you find discrepancies, consult an employee of a visa center or consulate. Hope that the error will not notice on the border – bad move.

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Schengen visa decoding and meaning

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