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Full libez on visa nuances. Here you will find the answers to the most exciting questions about the Schengen visa, the rules of registration and the procedure for submitting documents. We analyze the reasons for failures and cancellation of the visa at the airport. We will tell what the difference between the target use and the rule of the first entrance, as well as how to get a visa to residents of the Crimea Peninsula. Consider in which consulates it is easier to issue a multiple visa, and in what more difficult; At what border, your visa can serve as a reversal and much more.


Schengen visa: design nuances

The most popular among ours is a Schengen visa. There is nothing surprising in this, because Multishengen opens the boundaries not only Schengen zone, but also Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Croatia, overseas territories and ownership of the countries participating in the contract. Moved once in the consulate — and drive yourself right and left in Europe.

Procedure for submission of documents

Petitions are accepted in consulates and visa centers throughout Russia. Recommended handling time — no later than 15 days before the start of the journey, but not earlier than for 3 months.

It is important to take into account that personal presence for adults is necessary, since they remove fingerprints. Only children under 12 years have been released from the procedure. As for the state duty, today it is 35 euros. WCs charge additional service collection.

Many petitioners are puzzled by the question, and will I give me a visa if I am unemployed or mom in maternity. Will give. Consulate is not tax. They do not want to see a full financial report painted by day, they need to confirm your connection with the homeland. However, an extract from the bank to the required amount (financial guarantor) to attach in any case. The absence of this paper will refuse to issue.

General list of documents for sending petitions on a tourist Schengen visa:

  • passport with a semi-annual margin at the entry date;
  • copies of previous Schengen visas over the past 3 years;
  • filled visa profile;
  • 2 biometric pictures on a light background;
  • Hotel reservation, private apartments or tourist voucher;
  • Flights Rouus and back, as well as tickets to other transport;
  • certificate from work, extracting about the absence of debt in tax authorities, documents for ownership of property, marriage certificate, childbirth or other connection with the homeland;
  • Bank statement with sufficient money, dependents and unemployed — sponsorship with a copy of the personality of the sponsor;
  • confirmation of the previous stated trip if available (used airline tickets, checks from shops and so on);
  • Insurance in the amount of at least 30 000 € (Schengen Area);
  • State duty 35 €.

Of course, each country contributes its own adjustments to the established order. In Latvia, for example, financial guarantees for a visa are 14 € per day per person. In Spain — 90 euro per day.

France asks to apply a copy of the internal our passport. Greece and Spain are fairly loyal in terms of terms of extradition, but very fond of papers, sponsorship letters, explanatory notes and statements in the name of the consul.

What is biometric photography

If the list of documents and the amount of financial support for a Schengen visa may differ from the country to the country, then the requirements for photography are united.

The snapshot must comply with the following criteria:

  • Size 3.5 x 4.5 cm;
  • 70% of the frame occupies a person;
  • distance from the top of the chin 32-35 mm;
  • natural colors and contrast;
  • Patterns are not allowed, prints in the background;
  • without glads from glasses;
  • without headlife;
  • mouth closed.

For children, the requirements are similar.

In which consulates it is easier to get multishengen

Not one person on Earth will not be able to give a one hundred percent warranty in obtaining a multiple Schengen visa. The outcome of the petition depends solely on how the full and logical package of documents will be presenting the consul.

However, in the our Federation, unofficial statistics for issuing multivis are regularly collected, according to which the most generous are the diplomatic missions of Spain, Greece and France. Spain can give the applicant to the annual cartoon in a clean passport, and France practices the issuance of five-year visas.

Residents of the North-West Region of Russia have every chance of becoming owners of semi-annual Schengen visas in the Consulate of Finland.

Record for Belgium — Multishengen for 1 year. Germany and Austria practically do not give multivis.

Schengen Visa 2021 - Lifehaki, Tips, Answers, Help

The most predictable scenario at the Czech Consulate. In a clean passport you will get a single visa. If it is already there — multiple for half a year, and after it will go multisy for a year, two and so on.

Refusal of a Schengen visa

Each second applicant believes that visa — Game in our roulette, and failures depend on the mood of the consul.

Fortunately, it is not. You can get a multivitiz for a year, 2 and even for 5 years, avoid failure if you fulfill all the conditions of the visa code — The only document regulating the activities of consular services.

Causes of refusal in a Schengen visa:

  1. The most banal — Incorrectly filled out a questionnaire, grammatical errors, not specified the purpose of the trip, no dates.
  2. Incomplete set of documents. The Schengen zone simplified the migration policy inside the Union, but the external borders do not apply to the external borders. Here, all on the contrary. Bureaucracy, pile paper, help, references and once again. Each matters. Forgot to attach the reservation of air tickets? Refusal. Not confirmed accommodation? Again failure. Did not take care of medical insurance? Yes yes, again refusal.
  3. Not enough financial security. Let’s say you gathered to relax 20 days with a family of 2 adults and 2 children, one of which infant, in Malaga. We looked at the size of financial guarantees for Spain and put bank statements by the formula 90 Euro x 3 x 20. Exodus — refusal. Thoughts rush in the head, and what I did wrong? You forgot to take into account the baby. Exactly. All minors, including children under 2, should have financial guarantees.
  4. You have exhausted the limit of stay in the current half.
  5. You decided to deceive the consul. Never apply non-existent, canceled hotel armor or flights. Do not specify false information about the work. Do not tell the consul. Put yourself in his place. How would you do with a person who considers himself somewhat smarter and tries to circle around the fingers? You will not just refuse a visa, but also brought to the blacklist. In addition, they will be happy to share this information with the consulates of Great Britain, Canada, USA, Japan, Australia and all European countries.
  6. Violated the target rule According to the previous visa. In other words, you used the sticker is not as appointed. For example, they requested a visa to the Czech Republic, and they themselves they themselves in the Netherlands. Prove this fact difficult. But the consul can always request confirmation of the previous trip, declared in the questionnaire.

Refusal of a visa is always accompanied by an explanation of the cause. Carefully read it and try to eliminate. If it’s in elementary errors or incomplete set of documents, add the kit and contact the new petition. But, if you are confident that not the right of consul, write an appeal. This is given to you 2 months. And in the first, and in the second case, send a request to the same dipmita where you received a refusal.

Which countries are most often refused to ours

According to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, the statistics of failures in all consulates are approximately at the same level:

  • Belgium and Germany 3.3%,
  • Netherlands 2.9%, 2.5%,
  • France 2.3%, 1.8%,
  • Spain 1.3%,
  • Greece and Czech Republic 1.2%.

Perhaps, perhaps, only Norway — 17.85% failure.

Targeted use of a visa

Get a visa — It is only half an end. You still need to use it correctly to accidentally not become a malicious visa violator.

Target use Literally means compliance with the goal, route and deadlines specified in the visa questionnaire. It doesn’t matter what kind of visa in the end you will get, one-time or multiple, if the goal of tourism, on all the checkpoint on questions about the goal of the visit are responsible that you are a tourist. And the first trip should go exactly as indicated in the visa questionnaire.

The mythical rule is often sent to target use First entrance. There is no first entrance. There is only your questionnaire with a stated route where the country entry into the Schengen zone may be different from the country of issuing. Only you decide what it will be for the country. If you are uncomfortable to fly to France from Russia, but conveniently from Finland, write in the questionnaire the country of entry Finland, and the country of issuing France.

Compliance with the rules of targeted use in the interests of the traveler, not the consul. Confirmation of previous trips significantly increases the chances of getting a multiple visa.

How did the consul know that I was in France

Question: In the passport, French Schengen. Flight with a transfer to Germany. At Berlin’s airport, they put a German stamp and let go with the world. In Paris, flew from Germany. Inside Shengen passport control, no stamps put. As the consul will understand that in France I still visited or, on the contrary, that lavender fields, the Eiffel Tower and Louvre I did not see the eye?

Answer: You can only learn about the route from you upon subsequent appeals to the consulate, or from the Immigration Department after cancellation of the visa at the border.

Causes of refusal in the entrance

Unfortunately, most applicants forget that the visa sticker in the passport does not guarantee entry into the state. This is just a preliminary permission to enter. Put or not to put into the country — Solves the immigration officer on passport inspection.

Problem gearboxes

What gearbox most often unfold home:

  • at Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin and Frankfurt airports due to violation of the target use of the visa;
  • Airports in Spain, in particular Barcelona (El Prat) and Madrid (Barajas), are known to failures for the lack of money from a tourist or bank statement;
  • On ground transitions in Latvia will definitely be asked to prevent hotel reservation. If such is not, can deport.

The most loyal immigration officers in France and Portugal. On Polish borderers strictly followed by the motives of the trip, but rarely deported.

Annual visa at the entrance

Cancellation — The procedure is extremely painful. Crossing the visa and the deportation it does not end. To enter Schengen in the future, you will have to either write a request to the immigration service of the country, which has canceled the visa, or wait for 3 years so that the ban goes into oblivion himself.

When canceled to the passport, a refusal stamp is raised, inside which the knob enlisten the letter.

Decryption of refusal stamps:

  • A — Most likely, your passport does not meet the requirements of the Immigration Department for the term and the number of net pages. This offense may not affect the further use of a visa, but you cannot avoid deportation. To resolve the problem, it is enough to get a new passport.
  • V — Lime armor hotel or other documents. Extremely heavy crime. An visa is canceled. Entry in Schengen is closed for 3 years.
  • WITH — In the language of border guards, this mark means that you have no appropriate visa or you have violated the route of the trip filed in the questionnaire. Remember, a single database operates in Schengen. Everything you wrote in the questionnaire is easy to check. Exodus — Cancellation of the visa and turn home. Possible black list for up to 5 years.
  • D — Fake visa. Criminal case.
  • E — No hotel reservation, airline tickets, can not prove the correspondence of the goal. The case is not deadly, but unpleasant.
  • F — Exhausted limit of day in the Schengen zone. Wait for 180 days.
  • G — No financial security. The most common cause of failure in the entrance. Always have an extract from the account or printout of a credit card balance for a sufficient amount.
  • N, I — Already anything will help. You are wanted or violated the EU law and numerate a person who has a threat to society.

Speaking in truth, to avoid such consequences is very simple. When crossing the border on hands there must be a passport with a semi-annual stock at the entry date, financial guarantees for the required amount, hotel armor and air tickets.

There will be no grades in the passport if you fulfill the debt to the visa code — Take the first trip on the route specified in the questionnaire.

How not to do: For example, received a visa to Spain. Spain also indicated the country. Book a direct flight Moscow-Barcelona, ​​and then changed his mind and bought Moscow-Brussels-Barcelona tickets at a more favorable price. If at the Charleroi airport you will be stopped and canceled by a visa with a note with, will be absolutely right.

Passport is over, and the visa acts — what to do

It all depends on the country that issued this visa to you.

Scheme Old passport with a valid visa + New Zagran without it works in Britain and almost in the entire Schengen zone, with the exception of Latvia, where it is recommended to transfer a valid visa to a new abroad passport.

Irish and Bulgarian visas will have to be transferred to a new passport, no matter what.

How to get a visa to a resident of Crimea

To date, Crimeans have only two options to place a visa in the EU, Britain, Canada or the USA:

  1. To become a visa winner in one of the above states, it is desirable that the passport is not issued in the Crimea. Any our has the right to receive a passport in any settlement, and not just where he lives. And it is better to submit to a visa in Moscow, then the probability of failures, unlike regions, is still much lower.
  2. In many embassies, including in German, the Crimea citizens do not give visas because of their Crimean registration and send to Kyiv — Such a prospect Most of the new our citizens frighten. To theoretically contact the Ukrainian diplomission in Kyiv with the corresponding Ukrainian passport, it is possible, but in practice it is not entirely clear what it will end.

The result of a request for a visa in the EU, Britain, Canada or the United States with a our passport cannot be predicted. None of the above states recognize, even partially, the correctness of the our Federation on the Crimean Peninsula, and in European diplomices there is a clear ban on the issuance of inbound permits to Crimeans with our passports.

In the regions of the our Federation, failures are frequent in the Czech Consulate. Italy and Germany do not want to accept documents for consideration by hiding behind the blurred wording. The consulates of the Netherlands, Greece, Great Britain. The greatest chances of getting a visa in the Southern Federal District in those who request a Schengen visa to Spain.

In general, it is recommended to send a petition not to a regional office, but to the Consulate General of the country issuing in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Schengen Visa 2021 - Lifehaki, Tips, Answers, Help

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