Schedule features in the capital of Thailand

Traditionally and wisely will leave &# 8220; shopping&# 8221; Part of the travel for the last days, because in the process of recreation, most tourists are somehow no other than the purchase of several small souvenirs, accessories or clothing parts.

It is also worth noting that the most convenient areas for loving lovers &# 8220; Shopping&# 8221; Tourism is generally accepted by Siam and Pratunas. Chatuchak is somewhat lagging behind, due to the fact that truly wagon trade in the market of this area goes basically only on weekends. Markets are relatively close to each other, and some hotels are just on &# 8220; Crossroad&# 8221; between major trading areas, so accommodation in them is especially convenient.

Schedule features in the capital of Thailand

As for the features of the shopping, each tourist who passed through the markets of Bangkok will undoubtedly feel all the extraordinary attractiveness of Asian trading. Let some goods inferior to their branded counterparts in quality, still almost no one can leave the bazaar, without purchasing any, even small things. What to do unequivocally – it is not worth spending all or most of your savings on the first day of shopping, because some city markets work in &# 8220; night&# 8221; mode, and often on them you can find many interesting things for the tourist.

Schedule features in the capital of Thailand

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