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The plane stuffed to the failure has already poured into a runway when the busy wait reigned on board literally blew the cry of five-year-old. "He forced himself forced himself and could not be invented". This is about him. And, most importantly, as a successfully chose a moment, a sterility to give will feelings, discharge to the whole coil.

What is the difference that I tried to take a dumbfounded and embarrassed milf to calm the hysterical child. The boy screamed before the sconion, and in addition, she was still asked to the surrounding, crushing with handles and legs in the neighboring seats. It seemed that there would be no end. How suddenly everyone saw that an elderly man in the form of a general air force was approaching from the tail part of the aircraft on the passage.

SchA how to fly from me, or

Amazed mother he "neutralized" by a simple gestured hand raised. And then the lord-ridden gray, quietly and gently leaning toward the child, whispered something in his ear. And instantly in the cabin reigned the desired silence. The boy was very kind to take his own mother by his hand and, without saying a word, fastened the seat belt. Salon exploded a squall of applause.

General slowly walked to his seat, when one of the stewardess pulled him over the sleeve. "Sorry my curiosity, general," she turned to him in a whisper. "I really wanted to know what kind of magical words had such a magical effect on the child?"Elderly Mr., smiling peacefully, nodded:" I showed him the skirts of the Air Force, an asterisk for military campaigns, and tapes, and then explained that all this gives me the right to throw out one passenger when I only wish it ".

SchA how to fly from me, or

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