Scenic nurseng &# 8211; Center for tourism in the heart of Vietnam

Nha Trang &# 8211; The beach capital of Vietnam, the city, in the development of which there was a huge amount of funds in order for the tourist infrastructure to comply with world standards. At the same time, Nha Trang remained an original place with his soul, untouched nature, a special atmosphere and unique features of the province. Nha Trang choose families with children, youth, lovers of colorful hotels and dizzying entertainment to dawn &# 8211; Paradise opens here for everyone.

Climate Nyachnga &# 8211; When to go to rest in Vietnam?

On average, the air temperature here leaves 23 degrees of heat, the sun shines almost every day. The resort is surrounded by Mount Chiong Sean, thanks to which he is protected from cold winds with hurricanes, but it is worth remembering that even here there are typhoon. The most favorable season &# 8211; From February to autumn, the rainy season lasts until mid-December. However, you can come at any time of the year &# 8211; Rest in Nha Trang is not able to spoil changeable weather.

In addition to a mild climate in the resort city of tourists attracts the painting of nature – the Nha Trang Bay is one of the most beautiful bays of the world. This city is small, and the main part of its population is busy either in the tourist business, or in the fishing. When you go on vacation, choose the time for you most preferably, since, as already mentioned above, you can rest here at any time of the year.

Top 7 Nha Trangi Beaches for serene rest

In Nha Trang ride, first of all, behind the beach rest &# 8211; The coastline is wide here, there are places with an abundance of water entertainment, and there &# 8211; in the style of a bounty where you can retire from the extra eyes. In the selection of the best beaches of Nha Trang from me, I entered:

  • Chan Fu &# 8211; The most famous municipal beach with a beautiful promenade;
  • Paragon &# 8211; This is a quiet place for a relaxing holiday, shore fenced off by a rock;
  • Pearl beach &# 8211; a picturesque place where there are almost no tourists, but also you can not get by bus, you need to order a tour;
  • Scenic nurse; Center for tourism in the heart of Vietnam
  • Bai Dai &# 8211; The deserted beach with a length of 15 km is well suited for surfing;
  • Jungle Beach &# 8211; The wild beach away from the bustle, to get to the bike from Nha Trangin in an hour;
  • Viperl &# 8211; an island beach with a huge amusement park, including a cable car, an amphitheater, water park, attractions;
  • Zoxlet &# 8211; It is also called the dock, famous for white sand and gentle entrance to the water, ideal for children.

Urban Nha Trang Beach is always crowded, but there are our cafes and many inscriptions on a familiar language &# 8211; It is difficult to get lost. If you want a more pleasant stay, peace and relaxation &# 8211; Go to secluded and wild beaches.

National nature of Nha Trang &# 8211; What to see and what to do in 2020?

Vietnam’s tourist center will delight you with its coastal waters, which are famous not only by beauty, but also coral reefs, which determines the main entertainment of tourists in Nha Trang – here on holidays are sent mainly to diving lovers. And if you feel about diving lovers, it is best to rest in this resort town from March to August, since it is at that time a calm and quiet sea here. If you love to surfing more, then go on vacation in the winter months.

It is interesting here and lovers of nature, since the neighborhood of the city is famous for its most beautiful places. For example, a mountain of Tong is located quite close to Nha Tong, the shape of which is similar to the revealed palm stretching over the surface of the sea. And near the resort you will find hot springs of Thapba. Also among local attractions include Longshon Pagoda, for which, by the way, is a large buddha statue sitting on the lotus, made of stone.

Prices in Nha Trang (Vietnam) in 2020

Southeast Asia &# 8211; It is an inexpensive holiday and a reasonable budget, for which, actually, the local countries are popular. Main article Expenditure &# 8211; Flight because the way is to be wrong. Prices for popular products in Nha Trang will lead to 2020:

  • Visiting a cafe together &# 8211; $ 3-6;
  • Rich dinner in a restaurant (European dishes) &# 8211; $ 10-15;
  • a cup of coffee &# 8211; $ 2-3;
  • Buying fruit on the market &# 8211; up to $ 2 per 1 kg;
  • Excursion to local attractions &# 8211; $ 15-25;
  • Taxi ride within 10 km &# 8211; $ 8;
  • Souvenirs in memory of the journey &# 8211; from $ 1.

If you save, choosing an inexpensive cafe, but at the same time without refusing to popular entertainment, the cost of the place can be entered into a budget to $ 300. If the tools allow, and shopping and delicious food &# 8211; Your passion can spend all thousand.
Rest in Nha Trang in 2020 &# 8211; Classic, popular here is not the first season. This resort is considered one of the best in Vietnam. There are quite a lot of entertainment, attractions, developed infrastructure, beaches are distinguished by purity and well maintenance. And with all at the same time, the primordial appearance of nature is not lost &# 8211; In Nha Trang there are such corners where you can enjoy exotic.

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