Scenic national parks in the world

In each country there are at least one national park, but they are often more accomplished, and the essence of such places is to Save nature in its original form, But they are fully open, and sometimes adapted to visit tourists.

All over the world of national parks a huge amount, and therefore, even people who loving nature is not so easy to choose the place they would like to visit.

If a person cannot decide, he is recommended to choose from the most picturesque places, and such belongs:

Park Los Gosyares, Argentina

From the rest, this park is characterized by a significant number of glaciers, due to which tourists visit it. Many people like it, for a third of the park occupy Exceptionally glaciers, one third of the mountains, and a third just forests, so that visiting one place you can get a lot of impressions, just get dressed you need warmer.

Park Paparoa, New Zealand

One of the most beautiful parks on all the mainland, and he stands out with his Unusual stone formations, which in ancient times were under water. Today, both on them, and among them, they love to wander tourists, just to do it very carefully.

Canaima Park, Venezuela

One of the most attractive national parks, which consists of mountains, tightly covered with forests. Many are chosen here for the sake of unusual mountains or waterfall, which is the highest in the world, But the simple study of nature will be joy.

Torres del Paine, Chile

Curious place in which mountains and plains are somehow unusually combined, in which there are beautiful lakes. This park is considered one of the oldest world, But during the visit, he may seem somewhat deserted.

Tikal, Guatemala

He is not only a national park, but also archaeological monument of ancient civilization, So here tourists can admire not only in nature, but also at the center of one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

Scenic national parks in the world

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

One of the most unique places in nature, where the rest of the vegetation is surprisingly harmoniously neighing with lakes and waterfalls, creating charming landscapes. Park occupies a significant territory, But it is well adapted for tourists (there are special paths and signs), so rest here will be only in joy.

Zhangjiajie, China

One of the most amazing parks, both countries and the whole world, which is popular thanks to its unusual landscape. Beauty adds to him that most of the mountains are largely covered with greens, so much that it seems to be created by a separate world.

Najangsan, South Korea

One of the small mountain parks, which is actually hiding among the mountains. Getting to him not easy, but the beauty of the local nature is indescribable, especially in the autumn period, When most vegetation acquires completely different colors.

Sometimes a visit to some national park is much better than attractions, and the tourist only stays to choose the place in which he would like to go.

Scenic national parks in the world

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