Scenic Italian routes for auto-trip

Italy Although small, but very attractive country, and tourists always have enough.

At the same time, it is recommended to rest on yourself to be able to independently choose the route and enjoy the local beauty, and it is definitely worth.

Car journey is considered The best option for careful and long study of the country, But it is recommended to at least approximately know the route, for in some places it happens very problematic.

As for the visits places, the person must choose only to his taste, but as an example, you can propose the following places:


It is in principle considered to be the most picturesque region of the country, which are described by dozens, and even hundreds of writers, because such a choice will be quite natural.

Nature here consists of hills, and sometimes mountains, with almost smooth steppes and fields, vineyards and vintage villas or locks are often found.

In the region, the mass of everything interesting, and therefore it is possible to drive for a very long time.

Amalfian coast

It is one of the most beautiful not only in the country, but also in the world there is always a lot of tourists here, in particular those who can’t refuse beach holidays. Secluded bays, picturesque cities and a lot of greenery, not to mention the crystal blue water, everything here will like the tourist.

Sometimes visitors are so much that cities are trying to put restrictions, but it helps little, and tourists give an additional stimulus to visit here.


The local flavor attracts with its antiquities and delicious food, that the word can be perfectly combined, if desired.

On the car it is recommended to get only to a particular place, and otherwise I will definitely disappoint it in the rest of the tourist approach.

By the way I For beach holidays Here you can stay, but most tourists are more concerned volcano, to which the word can be climbed.

Scenic Italian routes for auto-trip

Dolomite mountains

They are called one of the wonders of the country, and because of their beauty and uniqueness they are protected by UNESCO, and all this is more than enough to want to go to this area.

In addition to a somewhat unusual shape, the color of the mountains change a little depending on the time of day, therefore it is recommended to travel along them for at least one day to enjoy the whole of the world beauty.

Lake Como

One of the most famous local lakes, which attracts tourists with its beauty, despite the fact that it is quite long to get.

The lake is conveniently surrounded and as if protected by the mountains, and not his shore built multicolored houses, but the tourist may well spend time and in nature.

Mostly here are going like a resort, but for the sake of nature to visit this place is definitely worth.

If a person really wants to enjoy local beauties, he is recommended to choose a car stronger and highlight as much time as possible, because in some places it will definitely want to stay longer.

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