Scanners at the airport

Recently, many airports gradually replace old metal detectors to new devices. They can be divided into two types:

  • X-ray backscatter x-ray scanners
  • Microwave scanners

BackScatter X-Ray This is a new X-ray technology technology.

It allows you to get a pretty clear image of a person and detect hidden weapons, tools, liquids, drugs, and t.D. Unlike the traditional X-ray, in the backscatter X-Ray rays are reflected from the subject.

On the resulting image, less dense substances, such as leather and clothing, have white color, and dense (weapons, metal) – Dark. The main advantage of this scanner is that with its help you can detect a non-metallic weapon (ceramic knife), liquid and plastic explosives.

Scanners at the airport

After the appearance of these scanners, numerous publications about their harm for health will appear, because it is ionizing radiation, but manufacturers assume that the resulting radiation does not exceed the radiation obtained by flight on the aircraft. But despite these statements, children and pregnant women inspect the old fashioned.

Microwave scanners The image is obtained using a millimeter band waves emitted by 2 rotating people around the person by antennas.

In this case, it is used non-ionizing radiation (radio, light or thermal waves), which does not harm health. The image on this scanner is clearer and more detailed. Many European airports have already moved only to millimeter scanners. However, they have one substantial minus &# 8211; They are very sensitive. The device reacts not only for prohibited items, but also on buttons, folds for clothing and t.D.

The use of new scanners causes quite a lot of disputes in society. Some are afraid of radiation, others consider unacceptable what strangers will look at their body. The picture that the security officers see the security service, very detailed, because they are still not in vain &# 8220; undressing scanners&# 8221 ;:

Many consider this humiliation and infringement of their rights. According to the US laws, you can refuse to inspect this scanner. On the Internet, you can even order special underwear, which prevents the detailed display of some parts of the body. And thanks to a special paint, on the screen, the security officer is displayed with the text with the text of the 4th amendment to the US Constitution, which speaks of the person to protect the person, housing and property from unreasonable searches.

Unfortunately, at many airports in Europe, it will not be possible to refuse to inspect the scanner. You have only two options: to pass and refuse flight.

Due to constant criticism, it is planned to update scanner software at airports. After modifying, they will show in detail only those parts of the body, on which suspicious items for the scanner are detected. This solution is an excellent compromise that will allow, save comfortable service and ensure airport safety.

Scanners at the airport

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