Scanned revealed strange emptiness in the pyramid of Heops

"This anomaly is really impressive. She is right in front of us at the ground level, "said Mehdi Tayby, the founder of the Paris Institute of Innovative Preservation of Heritage, which conducts an experiment on scanning pyramids using infrared thermography, muon radiography and 3D reconstruction.

Anomaly is located behind the Eastern Wall of the Facility, known as Heops Pyramid. Scanning was performed at different times and night – the temperature was measured when the stones were heated and cooled. While the temperature difference between most adjacent stones, as a rule, varied in the range from 0.1 and 0.5 °, the temperature of one of the segments was different from the rest by 6 °.

So far, researchers have only hypotheses that the voids are hidden behind the walls of the pyramid. Egyptologist Beth Ann Judez noted that the location of the anomalies on the east side can be somehow connected with the cult of the God of the Sun. In addition, it is east of the pyramid that the Nile occurs, and this river, as you know, was also of great importance in the Egyptian religion.

Judez says that the peyramid of Heops has the most complex structure of the moves among all the ancient Egypt tomb and, possibly, in the construction process several changes were made in the design, the Huffington Post reports. Be that as it may, additional studies are required to explain the nature of strange voids in the pyramid. Scanning ancient Egyptian pyramids will last until the end of 2016.

Heops Pyramid (Hufow), Great Pyramid Giza, – The largest of the Egyptian pyramids, the only one of the seven wonders of the world, preserved to this day. It is assumed that the construction continued for 20 years ended at about 2540 to. NS. The architect of the Great Pyramid is CHEMION, Vizier and Heopse nephew. The size of the base is 230 m, the height is currently 138.75 m. The middle mass of stone blocks – 2.5 t.

Scanned revealed strange emptiness in the pyramid of Heops

Previously, the media reported that in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamon, located near Phi, also found, presumably, a secret room. According to this data, the primary analysis of infrared snapshots of the tomb showed that different parts of the northern walls have different temperatures. So, there is a possibility that there is empty space behind the wall, for example, a room. One of the versions, in the secret room there may be the tomb of Nefertiti Tsaritsa, Interfax reports.

Recall, it is planned to scan not only the great pyramids on the Plateau Giza, considered one of the miracles of the world, and the stepped pyramid of Josrah in Sakkar, but also less well-known, including the broken and pink in Dakhshire, as well as a similar structure in the medum.

In the course of work, techniques such as radiography, molecular spectroscopy, thermal scanning, aerial photography will be used. In addition, the pyramids will be examined using cosmic rays through artificial earth satellites. This method, the Egyptian authorities note, will be applied by Japanese scientists in just the second time in history. Pyramid scanned, he added to obtain comprehensive information about these structures, erected more than 4500 years ago.

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