Scandinavian walking

An increasing number of people prefer Scandinavian walking as a means of maintaining good health and health. What is this kind of physical activity and how it is right?

Walk in the warm season with sticks that resemble skiing, fashion not the first year. Scandinavian walk now has many fans around the world. Otherwise, it is also called Norwegian or North, but the essence of the matter does not change.

It is useful to almost everyone.

Scandinavian walking improves posture, muscle and bones, blood circulation. In contrast to ordinary walking such a type of activity helps to use body and hands. Blood better Oxygen is saturated Due to the active movements of the whole body. This is due to the expansion of the chest during classes and increasing the volume of oxygen entering the body. Already a month after the start of training you can Note improvement: Normalizes sleep, metabolic processes, general well-being.

Scandinavian walking It is customary to be a gentle view of the load, Suitable for the elderly, for those who suffered a stroke, suffers from diseases of the spine, joints, bronchial asthma, ICT, osteochondrosis, ischemic heart disease. However, during thrombophlebitis, hypertension, glaucoma, heavy forms of diabetes are possible restrictions. Better first advise with your doctor.

Selection of equipment.

For classes you will need a light sports suit, under which in the cold season you can pry thermals. Shoes Choose with ribbed soles for good clutch with surface.

The main thing is what it is worth thinking – sticks. The cheapest option – without adjustment. Sticks need to pick up. Incorrectly chosen along the length of the stick increase the load on the musculoskeletal system and can lead to injuries.

A beginner athlete will use such a formula: growth in centimeters multiply by zero as much sixty six hundredths. For intense training: growth in centimeters multiply by zero as much as sixty-eight hundredths. And advanced need to multiply their height on zero as many as seven tenths.

Quite often unregulated sticks produce from low-quality materials: fiberglass and alloys. The set of such sticks usually includes hinge holders, and not bodies – half-pass holders. Without them difficult to do full.

In professional gear, the bullshit is removable, and the design folds. The length is adjusted depending on the type of load and the features of the route. If you go through a hilly area, make sticks shorter, and if in the city – Extend.

Scandinavian walking

Nuances Training.

Take a few lessons at the coach. If you do not have such an opportunity, Find like-minded people Or watch video on the Internet.

At the beginning of training Perform a small workout, Then proceed to the main occupation. All movements start with the right leg, at the same time pulling forward left hand. The back should be straight, the shoulders are relaxed, the torso is a bit extended forward. Do not rely on the sticks by all weighing, otherwise the load will increase.

Before the start of the class Measure your pulse. If the training has passed through all the rules, in the end it will increase at least one and a half times.

The pace of walking should be more intense, and step – longer than usual. For beginners typically walk too slowly. But the effect will be achieved only under the condition of active work.

Pace and frequency of classes Better to build up gradually. Start with half-hour training two or three times a week. The optimal option is considered as follows: five times a week for seven kilometers. At the end of the classes, make a stretching, snack by unsweequate fruits, drink water. Full meal – no earlier than in an hour.

Scandinavian walking

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